72 oz. Steak…FREE

Original post on November 20, 2005 

72 oz. Steak…FREE

Oklahoma City, OK….first thing in the morning.  Jump in the car by 8:15AM and tear off to Walmart for bottled water & 8 cans of spray paint (i’ll explain later).  We drive 20 minutes East to Walmart (not realizing that there was a walmart right next to our hotel…bummer).  After Wal-mart we look for Chick-fil-a for breakfast but can’t fine it??? how do they just “move” a restaurant?  Since we’re downtown, we stop by the OKC memorial again (to view it during the day).  Again, breathtaking.  The volume of destruction and the class of the memorial is amazing.  They did a wonderful job remembering the victims.  If you’re ever in the area….take the time to visit.

Back in the car, it’s 10:45AM….and we haven’t had breakfast yet.  Can you say Cracker Barrell?  They advertise all along the interstate that they have “comfort food”….and they do!

Finally on the road…we are headed eventually to Carlsbad, NM…through Amarillo, TX, Lubbock, TX, & Hobbs, NM.

We’re barely out of Oklahoma City (5 hrs to Amarillo, TX) and we start seeing billboards that say, “72 oz. Steak FREE…Amarillo, TX”.  How is it they start advertising for a life changing event like eating 72 oz of flesh so early?  And, if you can eat it all…it’s FREE!  Great, who pays for the bypass?

We rush right through Amarillo about 4 miles west and come upon a very interesting art structure.  Cadillac Ranch!  Some guy burried 10 Cadillacs in the ground (front down) with the baccks protruding in the air.  People stop by all day and take cans of spray paint to make thier mark.  So of course, the Lichty family, fresh with our 8 cans of paint from Walmart, assaulted this structure and started covering it with paint.  It was very windy so we had to make sure we weren’t down wind (if you know what I mean)?  Great pictures…I’ll show them later…no digital…old school.

3 hours south and we’re in Lubbock.  Dinner at Abuelo’s (Mexican food) awesome restraunt.  Again, if you’re ever looking for a great dinner place in Lubbock(?), go to Abuelo’s.  Shoot, I feel like Rachel Ray.

I take the wheel and navigate us the rest of the evening into New Mexico and eventually Carlsbad, NM.  On the way, we pass through this very little town called Hobbs, NM.  Have you ever read a book that was not nealy as good as the cover?  This was Hobbs!  We pull up and the city sign was a good 10 feet tall X 20 feet wide.  Quite impressive!  We then drove through what could have been a replica of Black Diamond, WA…only with Mexican names for stores and lots of cats running across the street.  The same sign was there to usher us out!  Exciting and unimpressive all at the same time.

Driving through New Mexico in the middle of the night can be quite the faith building experience.  I’m now grateful that I never got into horror movies.  I would have totally freaked out!  Finally at around 10:15 local time (11:15 for us) we roll into the Best Western Cavern Resort in White City.  Yep, that’s right…..the name says it all.  We pull up to a Western style building that is totally empty….lights shining on the building but none on inside…and a little sign that says “check in here”.  All I could think of was the Bates Motel and all the scary movies that I never saw because I was so freaked out by the previews.  I was sure that some bird/man combo guy was going to be standing outside my car door ready to pull all my limbs off and rip me to shreds.  (I know, the mind is a sick thing!)  The place is actually quite cute.  it’s truly like a little western town.  shops, water slides, resteraunt, Azteca rooms.  Very cute.  Ready to get some sleep and hit it hard again tomorrow.  We’re going caving in the Caverns (i’m bringing vasseline just in case I get stuck).

I’m now in a small hotel room with 2 kids that are unashamed by the volume of GAS they have from the Mexican food 3 hours prior.  Not sure what was worse…driving through the oil/natural gas fields of Texas & New Mexico….or sleeping in the same room as my kids.  Both are equally explosive!!!! (if you know what I mean)   😉

After the caves tomorrow, we go to El Paso (we might buy boots for Brenda) then on to Las Cruces for the night.

Coffee Today…cheap cup at Cracker Barrell, Grande Americano at the buck, tried to move in on a cup at the gas station….couldn’t do it!

Music…..Northpoint live worship, Nick Lachey (give me a break…it’s all I’ve got that my wife is cool with), Barac Obama (yea, I know he’s a Dem…so what)

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