A rain drop takes 8 months to reach the cave pool

Original Post on November 21, 2005 

A rain drop takes 8 months to reach the cave pool

There’s nothing like White city, NM in the morning…No Really….there’s nothing like it.  We had a quick/free breakfast then off to the caves.  Carlsbad caves are awesome.  Quite affordable….$24 for the whole family with the audio walking tour for all.  We chose the 1.2 mile walk into the mouth of the cave then 1.4 mile walk in the Great Room.  As we looked at the flat pools in the cave, the walking tour described how it takes a rain drop on the surface 8 months to reach the pool in the cave.  At just that moment, a drop from the top of the cave hit my shoulder.  I was terrified that I absorbed “LIFE” that took 8 months to reach the cave floor in my shirt?  It made me want to quietly empty my water bottel into the pool but the park ranger would have tazered me if he’d caught me.  They’re intense.  so, oh well!?  Stelagtights/Stelagmites…..just amazing. What an amazing natural event created by God.  Absolutely amazing.  During the summer…thousands of bats depart the cave all together to find something to eat, then return before sun up.  quite amazing.  Well worth the visit.

The view as we drive out of Carlsbad is just breathtaking.  We live in the greatest country and we serve an incredible God.

What do they say right before you take your family on a 100 mile drive through the dessert?  Make sure you have a full tank of gas.  So what did Loran do today as we launched into the New Mexico/Texax Hwy 62 from Carlsbad to El Paso, TX?  I took off with only 1/2 tank and figured I’d fill up at one of the stations on the way.  Well……1 hour into the drive…may cars passed on the very straight dessert road….the Empty light goes on.  Have I seen a gas station yet? NO  Is there any sign of a gas station coming up? NO  Am I starting to sweat (and pray)? YES  Does Brooke have to go to the bathroom? YES.  I felt so stupid.  The biggest thing concerning me was running out of gas and having to waive down one of the poor suckers that I passed a few miles back.  My pride was coming before my fall.  Yes…I literlly turned off the air conditioning as I was running my Honda Pilot at 80 MPH (so just in case I run out….I will have momentum on my side).  Tell me how all that makes sense?  God was taking care of this poor stupid soul….we rolled into the outskirts of El Paso and found a gas station before running out.  Too close for comfort.

Now, let’s not fool anyone here.  El Paso IS in the united states…but we all know it’s just Mexico with streets.  My kids wanted to go to Mexico but lucky me…we went to El Paso instead.  Had a great lunch at a Mexican Restaurant then went shopping for of all things…cowboy boots.  The boots were for my wife…not me.  She didnt find any boots that were made for walkin, so we settled for a Starbucks drive through and off to the final destination today.

25 minutes and we’re in Las Cruces, NM.  Strategically planned that we would check into our Hampton Inn international spa & suites (just kidding) so we can have relaxation time.  The kids were going to swim come Hell or High Water.  The pool was outside and very cold…but they did it anyway.  Brenda did a 45 minute work out.  She is looking HOT!

After the pool, we’re off for dinner.  Once again…off to Cracker Barrell for a good dose of Carbs!  On the way back to the hotel, I secured the location of the closest Starbucks.  Don’t know how to get back on the freeway, but I know where to find the coffee.

Watching some TV with the family right now (The Unit & American Music Awards).  The Unit is a good show but the American Music Awards is a total waste of time.

Coffee: Gross cup at Best Western and Grande Americano from Starbucks in El Paso.

Music: Nickleback (Brenda hated it), Northpoint Life Worship, about 1 hour of conservative talk radio between El Paso & Las Cruces.

Driving to Surprize, AZ tomorrow to participate in the giving of thanks and eating turkey with Brenda’s parents.  The road Trip continues….

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