I feel closer to God while listening to U2

Original Post on November 22, 2005 

I feel closer to God while listening to U2

All things considered….the Hampton Inn was actually OK?  Aside from being awoken by my kids at 8AM and drug out of bed by my wife to work out.  A few times walking around the hotel and I’m ready to move on.  Breakfast, shower, & pack em up and ship em out…doggie!

I love Starbucks.  I’m always happy to see the green lady welcoming me with a drive through americano.  This particular Starbucks was right across the streed from the AG church in Las Cruces.  Perfect place for a Starbucks…right across the street from a church.  Now, this was a full circle moment for me.  3 years ago I was doing a little stint as a consultant to a great leadership communicator in California that was about to do an event at the very AG church I was looking at right now. I had to bow out of  that event as I accepted the postition in Atlanta and had to move. I’m currently driving back to Seattle from Atlanta and where do i stop for coffee…..Starbucks across the street from that very church.  OK, I understand that this little tidbit of trivia is only special to me.  I feel an Opra “full circle” moment coming on…. 

As we fly out of Las Cruces, we’re looking for a 25 foot tall road runner made out of garbage.  On the south side of I-10 between mile marker 134-135 (literally) is this roadside attraction.  So, we (the griswalds) did a quick exit turn around….shot some pictures of the pile of road runner garbage…then jumped back over the median of I-10 headed west.

Very cool trains running along I-10 in New Mexico & Arizona.  Lots of fun watching and counting the trains.  It’s a guy thing.  The road is straight and long.

Today I decided to raise my drive to a higher spiritual level and listen to arguabley the greatest band of all time.  As I’m driving through the New Mexico & Arizona desert I listened to U2-Joshua Tree.  Now, that is a great album, but it’s a whole new experience listening to that album while driving through the desert?  Don’t know how/why…but it just is.  I feel closer to God while listening to U2.

I also listened to Skillit, Averile Lavine, My personal playlist, and a few of the podcasts from Triad (my buddy Harper in Sac-town)….(go to www.jasonharper.cc)  Great stuff!  The kids were doing their homework and reading, Brenda was reading through her cookbooks & John Grisham novel…& I was rocking out to U2.  Life is good.

Grabbed a fill-up in some “no name” town in AZ as well as lunch at Taco Bell.  We figured that since we were literally making a run from the border…we’d participate in the BELL!  30 minutes later we’re gaurenteed a family BM.

Lots of run down little empty towns along the way today.  Also, quite a few little shops selling the same stuff.  Fireworks, Jewelry, Agragate bookends, toe rings, & shirts.

Didn’t really experience traffic until about 30 miles outside of Phoenix.  Beautiful mountains between Tucson & Phoenix.

Arrived in Phoenix at 6PM.  Dinner was on the table at the in-laws.  Meat loaf.  Great meat loaf.  it’s kind of like hot dogs.  They taste great but you really don’t want to see what goes into it.  Meatloaf, taste great but you don’t always like the idea of what goes into it.  Awesome time with the in-laws in Surprise, AZ.  We’ll be here for a couple days.  After dinner, 2 quick games of Sequence (board games are expected with the in-laws).  Pie and Tea.

Kids in bed to the concert of manufactured flachulents and laughter.

We’re about to crash ourselves.

My Jeep made it to Seattle today.  Transmission needs some serious help.  Taking the Honda in for a quick oil change on Friday.  Plus, we’ll have lunch at Heidi’s deli in Peoria, AZ.  Best deli anywhere.  only in Colorado & this on in AZ.

Coffee: Americano in Las Cruces

Music: Didn’t you just read it?

Highlight:  U2 in the desert.  Truly a spiritual experience!

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