Phone call at 7:23 PM in Little Rock, AR

Original Post November 19, 2005 

Phone call at 7:23 PM in Little Rock, AR

Today started in Nashville, TN and is ending in Oklahoma City, OK.  We arose at the crack for showers/dressing/breakfast and hit the road again.  We have 12 hours of driving ahead of us.

We run to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville.  Absolutely amazing space.  4 huge hotels all connected by beautiful atriums that are totally decorated for Christmas.  Very beautiful.  It’s a true “blue hair” paradise.  Actually, Brenda & the kids really enjoyed the walk through.  After about 45 minutes at Opryland Hotel, we drive through Nashville to take it all in and look for the Parthenon.  Some guy actually rebuilt the Parthanon from Greece in of all places…Nashville.  It’s quite an amazing structure.  Sights in Nashville…on to Memphis (Elvisland).

Rollin into Memphis we step off I-40 in down town Memphis and it looks a lot like the hood.  because it was.  First hint was all the bail bondsman stores by the exit.  Net step…county jail.  As we drive by, we see a big sign on a run down building that says, “$$$ money for your blood”.  dude, they’re buying blood.  Left the hood and hit the town to the Peabody.

The Peabody is a hotel that is refurbished and really beautiful.  Big hit is the daily arrival of Ducks…yes ducks that walk in the door, down the hall, & into the foundain in the middle of the lobby.   that’s it!

Lunchtime – looking for good BBQ since we’re in memphis.  We had awesome BBQ at Corky’s BBQ.  Dry rub ribbs.

Grande Americano, Bathroom, Walgreens & I-40 to Little Rock.

My good friend Mark Gaydos (from College) lives in Clinton land with his wife Amy & 4.75 kids.  Great family.  We had a nice time visiting with them.  Long day…tired…weary….& we still have 6 hours of driving to Oklahoma City.

As we’re leaving Little Rock, Brenda was on the phone with her grandmother.  A call beeped in (it was Therese from our community group in Atlanta).  After Brenda finished her call with her grandmother, she listened to the voicemail.  It went something like this…..It’s 7:23  Loran & Brenda…you’re late…where are you..?  We’re meeting without you.   Then as the phone switched to speaker phone, we heard our whole group yell out….HI, WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!  I only with that you will someday have the opportunity to have people call you from 3 states away and yell out that they miss you.  This is why it was so hard to leave yesterday.  This brought on a few more tears.  We will miss our friends in our community group.

We arrive in Oklahoma City around 11:40 PM and go straight to the Okalahoma City Memorial.  On April 19th (Brenda’s Birthday), 1995 our country was impacted by a local terrorist who put a truck of explosives next to the Federal building filled with workers & 19 kids in a daycare.  The bomb went off and destroyed the building and many lives.  This evening we decided to visit the memorial which was absolutely breathtaking.  Well worth a trip to Oklahoma City.  The symbolism and beauty was appropriate and powerful.  They staff the memorial with a 24 hr gaurd who kindly walked with us through the memorial and shared details of the memorial and that day. 

Shame on us for forgetting terrorism of any kind.  Shame on us for letting a tragedy like this happen.  Shame on the Bastard who did this.

I pray nothing like this ever happens again!

Today I listened to: Northpoint Live worship, Faith hill, coldplay, Barac Obama, Nick Lachey (how gay) and a little 80’s throwback on the radio.

Drew & Brooke watched at least 6 DVD’s

Brenda drove 1/2 of the day (she’s such a stud)

Tomorrow: Amarillo, cadillac ranch (watch for the pictures, Lubbock, then on to Carlsbad, NM.

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