Sunday morning fire alarm

So what do you do when the you have 800 people in the building for a 9AM service and the fire alarm proceeds to go off at 9:05?  Do you exit?  Keep on going?  The kids and nursery knew what to do….no one had to tell them…then left the building.  The adults kept worshiping until someone gave instructions.  Big decision that has to be made at a split second.  So, we evacuated the building, the firemen came, and they removed the smoke detector that went bad.

Someone said as they were leaving the building….Is pastor Troy preaching on Hell today?  Other people left the building but wanted to stay close to the building.  Others departed but stood in the middle of the fire lane (where the truck was about to approach).  Interesting how we as adults respond to a fire alarm.

What do you do when the fire alarm goes off?

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