Thanksgiving with other cultures

Original Post on November 23, 2005 

Thanksgiving with other cultures


Happy Thanksgiving.  The morning started out with a brisk walk, swim with Brooke (it’s 84 degree’s here today) and then a little bit of the Parade on TV.  Shower and over to Grant & Gloria’s.

Two of the Kavalie kids got married this year and their spouses are great people.  Larissa married Arna (who is from Norway).  Great guy.  Aaron married Van (Nice gal from Vietnam via Japan).  It was cool watching them casually communicate in Japanese.

Enjoying Thanksgiving meal with Arna & Van gave me an interesting perspective.  They were able to enjoy the holiday with us….even though is wasn’t a holiday celebrated in their country.  Van said that it was like new years for them and Arna said that it was similar to the family meals they share every couple months.  When asked what they thought of Thanksgiving in the states, they both responded with smiles and that they are thrilled to be part of it.  They enjoy the time with family.  I was honored to share the day with them as well.  Welcome to the family.

Turkey, stove top stuffing, guitar playing, to chiwowa, coffee, sequence, survivor, mac, firefox, video party, asian dish, family, health, safety, green beans, vietnamese prayer, swimming, walking, parade, football, new home.  these are all the things that represent our 2006 thanksgiving.

There are many things in life that I can not control.  Three things that I know I can control tomorrow is: Going for Oil change, lunch at Heidi’s Broklyn Deli, & Starbucks coffee.  I’m a simple boy.

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