The Tears Made My Eyes Hurt

Original post from November 18, 2005 

The Tears Made My Eyes Hurt

I think today was one of the toughest days of my life.  Both Brenda & I sobbed as we drove out of our neighborhood in Atlanta for the last time.  the tears made my eyes hurt.

We started the day with mad packing and preparation for a cross country drive with the family.  I went to Starbucks with Barry to have coffee and run some last minute errands.  One errand was to drop off our cable modem and disscontinue our service with adelphia.  The lady that took my modem wore a UGA shirt, had a UGA purse, and had no pinkie fingers?  That’s Cumming, Ga for you.  I returned from my coffee trip just in time to take Brenda to her tennis match.  Come Hell or High Water…she was going to play tennis today.  She won her match.  Great job!

Beth picked up Brooke and took her to ride her horse Kaylee from 11:30-3:30.  Brooke had a great time.

We all went over to the Skinners to say goodbye and see baby Lindy.  She is so cute.  We had a very nice time with Cody & Linda but it was bitter sweet.  They are so kind.  They gave us a wonderful gift basket with maps & Texas stuff.  Plus, as we were leaving, Cody gave me a bottle of Crystal champaign.  This is a $600 bottle of champaign. Great friends.  Hard to find, few between.

As Brenda was playing tennis, Drew & I had lunch then ran to the Honda Dealership to buy a luggage box for the top of the Pilot.  Bought it then went into the parking lot to install.  A quick read of the directions and 30 minutes later…it was on and ready to go.

Back home (4:00 PM…our scheduled departure time) and we’re still shoving stuff in boxes.  Then the neighbors start showing up.  We’re so blessed.  Barry & Therese (with princess Charlotte) came by to say goodbye.  We will miss them.  I’m so glad Barry decided to put his faith in Christ this last year.  I’m proud of him.  Therese prayed for us before we left and prayed that they had an impact on us….they did!

Amy & the girls stopped by with gifts and hugs.  We’ve only known them for 3 months.  Too short.

Molly & Andrew popped in to greet and wish their best.

**side note**  last night we had an awesome part with abotu 50 neighbors and couples from our small group.  They were all so kind.  Much love to Kelle & Dawn for organizing the party**

Finally ready to go at 6:00 PM (only 2 hours late).  We’re ready to say goodbye to our house and I give Brenda a little hug…we both break down.  We take about 3-4 minutes to just stand there…then move on.  As we get in the car you could hear a pin drop.  Drew & Brooke decide to not talk (good call).  As we pull out, we both sob as we drive past our friends homes for the last time.

We stop at Lowes so I can return an item and my emotions are so “on edge” that I could fall apart at any time.  Good thing the “return” lady didnt look at me crosseyed…I might have lost it!

Then we ran to Target to grab hair spray.  it’s never just hair spray.  We’re on our way to drive across the country….it’s 6:30 PM…we have a 4 hour drive ahead of us…and Brenda decides to do some clothes shopping for the kids.  Her emotions are on edge too….i decide not to object…good call Loran.  We both must have looked like we were on drugs.  Eyes red and emotional.  I went to the starbucks at Target and the gal who was serving me didnt know how to do anything but pump drip coffee????  What the heck?  it was her first day!  She probably thought my eyes were watering because I had to settle for a coffee rather than an americano?

Then, we decide to grab dinner before leaving town.  Chili’s it is.  As we sit in the bar ordering our dinner and watching the end of the Ohio state vs. Michigan game (Buckeyes won) our friends Doug & Jackie show up?  What a coincidence.  it was great to see them again….we said hi/bye….then left.

The hardest thing in the world to listen to is someone you love crying.  Even worse, is that they are crying because you’re moving them across the country away from their friends.  We left Chili’s to start our drive and I listened to Brenda cry for another 30 minutes until she fell asleep.

God, I know you have great things for me…becuase…you wouldn’t put us through pain for no reason.

My eyes hurt, I am tired, & I’m driving in the dark to Nashville, TN.  Not the easiest thing…but we made it.

Smoking room at the Hilton Garden Inn.  That’s lame….I booked a NS room.  they gave us 50% off.  good for them!?

We had a family view our home yesterday (said they loved it) and they came back again today.  haven’t heard anything yet.  Plus, 2 more showings scheduled for tomorrow.  God truly has an interesting way of growing our faith.  No offer yet…but I know He’s in control.  Yea, I might be the owner of 2 homes with mortgages next month, but as long as we’re in God’s will…we’ll be fine.  Someone will buy our home…I’m confident.

I listened to Brenda’s “chick” CD

I listened to Flyleaf

Waking up at 6:00 AM for lunch in Memphis, coffee with the Gaydos family in Little Rock, and then drive to Oklahoma City.

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