Viva Las Vegas Baby

Original Post on November 25, 2005 

Viva Las Vegas Baby

Yesterday…Black Friday….Warning….don’t go shopping anywhere

So, where do I find myself on the busyest shopping day ever…after a battle at the lube place & a grande Americano….I brave the crowds and step into Circut City.  Bad idea.  It literally looked like downtown Falushia, Iraq.  Trash outside from the “all nighters” and empty bins with tons of crap all over the place.  I walked around then quickly exited the establishment.  connected with the family and had the best lunch ever at heidi’s brooklyn deli.  Right by the mariners training facility.

Then, not enough shopping pain yet….we went to Costco.  People were rabid for the HDTV!

Went to Glendale to watch lights turn on.  Neat, but just OK!

Had a great visit with the family…

Woke up early and off to Vegas.

85 MPH through the Cacti and through Hoover Dam.  Very cool wonder of the world.  Hoover Dam!  30 minutes later and we’re on the Vegas Strip.  Staying at the Alladin.  OK room, nice view of the fountains…but the hotel is under renovation (turning into the Planet Hollywood Hotel/Casino).  Will be cool in a couple years.

My buddy Lee convinces me to put $40 on Arizona for him at the sports book.  Since I trust his judgement…I not only put $40 for him…but I put $40 for me as well.  From the opening kick….Arizona sucked.  We tanked and helped pay for all the new construction at the Alladin.  After $20 into a one arm bandit….my gamblin days are over….that’s enough for me.

Walked through the Paris/Bally’s/Cesars/Bellagio & back to Alladin.  Dinner and off to bed.

We had a great time.

Early wake up and off to Redding, CA.  Stopping to visit Harper in Sac.

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