Health Indicators

One of the great things about being on the New Life team is our leader…Troy.  He pulls us together about 4 times a year and we spend a whole day looking at our health indicators.  Now you might say….isn’t there a more booring way to spend your Monday?  I say no!  Granted…health indicators are not an overly exciting and fun (yipee) subject…but it’s vital to our church and our team.  You see, if we just randomly rode off the wave of Easter…to Summer….to fall…to Christmas…we wouldn’t have a clue on where we came from and where we’re going.  Instead….we take focused time to look at our ministry goals….assess where we are at….make sure we feel good about them….& discuss strategy to reach our goals this year.  oooooooo…fun stuff.
who-stole-my-church.jpgWe also talked about a cool book by Gordon McDonald called Who Stole My Church.  As a church that is 80 years old and making many changes…this book speaks directly to the builder & boomer gerneration about why we need to do what we are doing.  At the same time, we as leaders need to honor and respect the older folks whose shoulders we stand on.  Great book.

Why are you excited about the team that you’re on?

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