Zumiez at the Auburn Mall

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Technically it’s the super mall but trust me…there’s nothing super about this mall.  Went with Drew (14) to get some skater pants & skater shoes.  He’s really good at the skate thing and needs to “look the part”.  Good dad goes to the mall with favorite son to purchase stuff.  Got a great deal….$87 shoes for $22…yea!

 The Auburn mall is an absolute dump!  Many empty shops…many dumpy shops….and it’s such a sad mall…that they have a Sam’s Club in the mall where there used to be the store “Incredible Universe”.  Yea, I just went back to the mid-80’s on that one.  There is even a 7000 sq ft 24 hr health club in the mall?  interesting but in a really weird way…kind of cool.
Doesn’t matter how lame the mall is….I’m with my son and that makes it a great evening.

What do you do for the people you love?

2 responses to “Zumiez at the Auburn Mall

  1. I’m proud of you Loran! Braving the chaos of the teenage world. =) But come on, The super mall’s not THAT bad!

  2. It’s definitely not super, especially that Steve and Barry’s store. I can’t seem to get my mind wrapped around what type of store that is.

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