Why I Love The Northwest

Mountain Ranier

Mountain Ranier on a beautiful northwest day.

OK, I moved here from Altanta 18 months ago because God tapped me on the shoulder and said it’s time to go back to the Northwest.  Yea, it rains here quite a bit.  Yea, we just had 3 inches of snow in our yard 5 days ago (that is really odd).  Yea, we will have about 2-3 months of sun this year.  But when the sun does come out….God’s beauty is shown in a way that can’t compare anywhere.  This picture of Mt. Ranier is not from my bedroom window…but is right by my house.  This is what I look at as I drive home every day.  When you look at something like Mt. Ranier….you have to just be in awe of God.

What do you love about where you live?

One response to “Why I Love The Northwest

  1. I hate where I live. It rains too much and there’s a beautiful mountain so close but the clouds always cover it.
    First baby come out sideways, she didn’t scream or nothin’!

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