lichty does disney!

You choose what I do at Disneyland next week!


Here’s the deal….Next week I’m going with my family to Disneyland.  I’ll be there on Friday & Saturday.  You decide what I do!  Yes, you get to tell me what to do (within reason).  As long as it’s not illegal…I’ll do my best to perform your task…with pictures to prove.


Your request must be in the comment of this post.

You have 24 hours to make your request (post must be in by 1:30 AM on 3/5/08)

So….what shall I do?

5 responses to “lichty does disney!

  1. Have a great time – that’s what you should do!

  2. I would like to see you get mickey to hold up a sign saying “I love An Anthology Of Thoughts.”

  3. If you can’t find Mickey, As many characters as possible will work.

  4. Due to hearing about the challenge, blog and trip last night at 8:00 pm PST on 4/6/08, I am officially posting an addendum:

    Take picture or video of yourself on the Dumbo ride with a binky/pacifier in your mouth, expression must convey pure happiness and content.

    Enjoy the magical kingdom. SP

  5. Enjoy your family and act like a kid again….

    Wait what am I saying………..

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