My Day

7:30 am wake up (Matt lauer is going to travel again)

7:50 am shower (don’t shave because I’m a scrub)

8:37 am leave house (no time for coffee….2 egg whites/2 banana’s)

8:58 am arrive at office (set the mood…light the candle)

9:00 am staff chapel (talked to Jan, Troy, & Jerry)

9:30 am Grouplife meeting (debrief grouplink with Deanna.  Brainstorm grouplink)

10:00 am INVOLVED (brainstorm involved with Deanna

10:30 am Meet with Alan (Media…Brainstorm Involved/chat up lower 3rds)

11:00 am email (listen to new hillsong tuff….it’s ok…all repeats?!?)

11:30 am visio magic (design/price stage splash for involved)

12:00 pm randy’s office (chat up involved budget & mission budget)

12:30 pm Lunch with Randy & Jerry (Qdoba for tortilla soup)

1:15 pm Troy Joins us to hang

1:50 pm Starbucks (Finally!)

2:15 pm office (start strategic call backs from Grouplink)

2:45 pm Missions (Meet with Rachel to discuss Mexico trip next month.  Eat egg white & peppers?)

3:15 pm office (finish grouplink calls.  connected 2 more couples…yea!)

3:45 pm 40″ soccer ball flys into my office followed by Childrens Pastor and Jr. High pastor (David & Jason)  Keeping flavor to the day.  I try to throw the ball out the window…but it won’t fit.

4:00 pm office (nail down involved banner cost)

4:02 pm Brooke calls (when am I coming home)

4:04 pm Drew calls (when am I coming home….he wants to skate with nik in the garage and I need to move my car)

5:00 pm Home bound (eat pre-planned veggie’s on road….good call)

5:35 pm home (move car for skaters)

6:10 pm Dinner declared by Brooke (she made lasagna….great job)

6:30 pm into the evening…bla bla bla fun with kids…bla…Brenda home…yea!

10:35 pm blogging….my life isn’t that bad is it?

How was your day?

2 responses to “My Day

  1. What Loran failed to mention is that the highlights of his day were his brief meeting with me AND Jason and me rolling a giant soccer ball around the office.

  2. It’s all about the flavor.

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