Right of passage

In life…there are many rights of passage….

Tonight…I experienced a joyful right of passage with my 11 year old daugter.  You see, up to this point she was a walmart pink bike kind of girl.  You know…the ones that really only last one season.  The ones that get spray painted silver by her older brother on a booring summer day.  The ones that were never really meant to ride but were meant to rip off sucker parents like me!…yea…those.

I asked her what kind of bike she wanted.  Hoping she would say, “I want the columbia 21 speed mountain bike with alloy rims and a shift on the fly action handle bar”….she said with all the innocence of an 11 year old girl…, “I want one that shifts gears”?  At that moment I knew that even though she raised the bar very high…I had to deliver.  So tonight, we went together and purchased her first real bike.  We went to Joe’s in Kent and spotted the perfect machine that shifts gears and all.  It almost brought a tear to my eye watching her ride it in the aisles of Joe’s screaming, “it shifts gears…it shifts gears”.  It was a glorious event.

What was your last right of passage?


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