You only wish you could be this good at 70…

David Pearson 

My Father-in-law is a great man.  He is celebrating his 70th birthday this month…thus the family trip to Disneyland.  At a time when he truly could have said, “come hang with me in Phoenix and watch me get old”…instead he said, “let me meet you in Disneyland for a couple days and follow you around”.  That’s how great of a man he is.  Dave is pictured here with his wife Glenice and his daughter (my hot wife) Brenda.  Dave is a retired Sr. Pastor of 30+ years.  He has built a bunch of houses with his own hands…and built up even more lives with his own life.  He is a man of few words, yet when he speaks…you listen.  Dave is a man of wisdom.  I seek his wisdom in areas that I need council.  Even though Dave comes across as soft spoken…he carries a “silent strength”.  I recall Brenda sharing about how he used to say (when they were kids), “You ought not do that”…and that meant…”you’d better not do that” and they knew he meant business. 

On Saturday night we all had dinner together inside the California Adventure park.  The environment does not speak of a quiet and intimate dinner…yet we were able to go there.  As the theme park dinner went…it started with a bunch of discussion and walking…and I mean a bunch (at least 1 hour).  Then, we arrive at a warehouse that takes our order, charges more that they probably should, give us the food, send us to the condiment island, then outside to eat.  Even with all that, the dinner was priceless.  As we were talking through dinner and enjoying our time together…we decided to do an Impromptu Affirmation Circle lol….I think that’s a really funny title I just made up.  I announced that since we were celebrating Dave’s 70th birthday, we should go around the table and share what we love most about Dave.  So, here is a couple points made from my memory:

loran: I love that Dave said yes when I asked to marry Brenda

brian: I love that Dad encouraged and played sports

glenice: I’ve known Dave the longest.  I love that he gave me Brian & Brenda

brenda: I love that Dad takes care of his health

roxi: I love that I see Dave in my kids

jared: I love that grandpa likes to play with us.  I love that grandpa does tea parties

joel: I like the way grandpa pulls off that haircut

brooke: I love that grandpa likes to play sports with us

drew: I love that grandpa plays me hard in tennis and beats me

julia: (she loves everything)

As we wrapped up the love fest…Dave decided to share.  He went around the table and shared how grateful he was for his family.  He is grateful for his wife, kids, kids spouses (who he considers his kids…that’s cool), and grand kids.  He’s thrilled that we are all serving the Lord and teaching our kids to serve Christ.  He said, “that’s a big deal to him”.  Roxi & I discovered that we are sparks….we brought some “spunk” into the family….I think that’s good?!?  yea!

Final thoughts: 

As the people who love him the most sat around sharing thoughts about him, he knew that we loved and respected him.  Isn’t that we we all strive for?  For the people who know us best, love and respect us the most? 

Dave & Glenice are great people.  I call them “lead with” people.  You know, the kind of people that you’re not afraid to lead with in a conversation.  You know, when I meet someone that might also know Dave & Glenice…I lead with…you might know the Pearsons?  I married thier daughter.  I don’t even give the person a chance to tell me what they think of Dave & Glenice because I know what I think.  Conversely, if you are not sure what someone might think of your acquaintance…you might say, hey, do you know so & so?  then wait to see what they think?  There are very few people in life that I consider “lead with” people….Dave & Glenice are 2 of them.

I’m glad that I have people like Dave Pearson around me to challenge me daily to be a better dad, husband, christian, pastor, and person.  Happy Birthday Dave!

Who do you have in your life that will always be better than you?

One response to “You only wish you could be this good at 70…

  1. How wonderful to see how Pastor Loran loves his in-laws and I understand why. I too have the utmost respect for Pastor Dave and Pastor Glenice. I know them from Bethany Christian Assembly (BCA) church. Pastor Dave married my husband, Daniel and I at BCA in 2003. That was a very special day for us and I thank you Pastor Dave for being part of our ceremony. I had the opportunity to work with Pastor Glenice in organizing the Women’s Christmas Dinner at Bethany Christian Assembly. We had a great time pulling it together for the Pastor’s wives and ladies of the church. It is a good memory of mine Glenice working with you. God is so good how he brings special people in our lives and I am thankful for both of them. Now attending New Life Church I am now fortunate to be working with Pastor Loran in the office. I knew the good Lord wanted me to serve in the ministry field. I wish both much joy and laughter in their retirement. Good for all of you going to Disneyland! Happy 70th Birthday Pastor Dave!! Alisa Lahaie 🙂

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