14 Hottest companies to work for in Seattle

So I’m in the checkout line at Safeway and I see one of those paper bound things that have cool pictues on the front, stories inside, and they’re bound to make a booklet.  For you bloggers…it’s called a magazine.  You remember, the things that we used to buy and read for information.  I know, it’s so early 90’s.  Well my eye was caught by the cool article in the Seattle Metropolitan magazine.  Beyond Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon…the 14 hottest companies to work for in Seattle….and they’re hiring.  So, if you’re considering a job change and you’d like to relocate to the beautiful, wet, high real estate priced, no sonics having northwest…. here are the 14 companies with websites…      I live to serve!

SKB Architects     Architecture and interior design   www.skbarchitects.com

DDB Seattle     Communications     www.ddbseattle.com

Google     Technology (duh)     www.google.com/jobs

Allyis     Technology     www.allyis.com

GordenDerr     Law     www.gordonderr.com

Babylegs     Textiles     www.babylegs.net

Cascadia Consulting     Consulting     www.cascadiaconsulting.com

Adaptis     Heealth Care     www.adaptisinc.com

F5     Technology     www.f5.com

KPS Health Plans     Health Care     www.kpshealthplans.com

Entellium     Technology     www.entellium.com

Zillow     Real Estate    www.zillow.com

Pyramid Communcations     Public affairs     www.pyramidcommunications.com

Office Nomads     Coworking     www.officenomads.com  (this is pretty cool)

Each of these compnaies are selected because the people working there think it’s a cool place to work, they love going to work, and it’s a fun environment.

So, what is so cool about your working environment?


4 responses to “14 Hottest companies to work for in Seattle

  1. EMPOWERMENT. A lot of organizations talk about “empowering” their employees, but few hold them accountable for acting empowered.

    http://www.grainger.com Fortune 500, strong stock price, 100% company-funded profit-sharing plan and a great 1Q earnings report…always looking for talent! (just a small plug..)


  2. Hey Loran. One of my best friends works at Gordon Derr. She loves it!

    Totally appreciate the question at the end of your blogs… its fun to keep up with the fam this way.


  3. Hey, do you have any recent data on who is rampimg up hiring? I am just a general office worker with some odd skills

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