“I care more about connecting than winning”

Disneyland with the family.  (hot wife) Brenda, (free spirit) Brooke, Me, (cool son) Drew

So we arrive at Disneyland at 8AM ready to spend the next 16+ hours running our kids ragged and where is the first place we go?  Where do we all go?  Down main street…take a right…and straight to Space Mountain?  Right?  I mean, if you’re betting the odds…Space Mountain is going to be crammed later on…so lets get our SM fix in first.

We wait in about 5 minutes of line…

cast member: How many in party?

me: 6 (J2 with us)

cm: line 2,3,& 4

You know the drill!?

As I sit down…I notice a really nice cell phone and Disney collection pin in the seat next to me…I look up to my right and the guy that just got out is running up the ramp and out the exit.  Before I could say anything he was gone.  What do I do?  So I opened the phone and see a brief picture of the guy and his dog.  I instantly feel sorry for this guy.  Bummer way to start your day at Disneyland…loose your phone (not sure about the whole pin thing?).  I would have yelled for the guy….but I had lost my voice that morning (whole different story)….[do you know how frusterating it is to be me without a voice]?  yea!  So, I give the phone and the pin to the “seatbelt checker cast member” and (wisper yell) the guy before me left this.

We take the ride…Yay it’s fun….and we are back!

As I start to walk up the ramp…I notice a guy quickly walking back in the exit with his girlfriend.  I don’t recognize him…but I think, Hey, this could be him?  So I stop him…(yea I know…at this point, most of you introverts would have walked on by) and I say to him (wisper yell), did you loose your phone & pin?  He says, Yea!  I think ….. Yea!  I got the guy!  So, I walk him down the ramp and point at the seatbelt checker cast member who I gave the phone to.  Phone guy says thanks and I move on.

I love living my life this way.  I probably stopped and helped 5 other people (no joke) that day find their way.  It’s a curse.  I can’t help it.  “I care more about connecting than winning”

When was the last time you inconvenienced yourself for a stranger?

4 responses to ““I care more about connecting than winning”

  1. Wow! This post is so self congratulatory and phony it makes me want to puke.

  2. Thanks for your authenticity “Reader”. You’re quite the encourager.

  3. The sarcasm seems to indicate that you actually care more about winning than connecting in this case.

  4. Not sure how to respond to anonymous? You clearly don’t know me so I get why that post seemed self congratulatory. You know what…if I was just reading that post…I agree with you. It does come across like I’m patting myself on the back. Wasn’t the intent. Truly meant to encourage people to go the extra step/mile to help someone out. Thanks for reading the post and giving your input. I value that!

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