John Eldredge Tonight.

John Eldredge is a really cool guy.  I went with my small group  to an event tonight at a church in bothel, WA where John was speaking.  My fried Ralph hooked us up with tickets for this event.  John has a new book out now called, Walking with God, and it’s about praying and especially listening to hear God.  He opened up with about a 60 minute presentation about prayer and listenting to what God has to say.  Here are a couple things I took from that part of the talk. 


The way we hear from God…  1. Be Quiet  2. Ask God a Question.  3. Surrender (or listen)

He expanded on when you ask the question and if you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere….ask another.  Maybe you need to ask God, “what do you have for me today”?  Great stuff.  John’s a stud.  One thing he said about his son really tagged me.  He mentioned that last summer he has some issues with his son and was asking God about next steps & what to do and God said, “you’re engaging with him based on teh pain he’s caused you”.  Wow dude….that hit me right between the eyes (I have a 14 year old Son…see 2 posts down).  John went on to share that God said, “Offer not what he deserves but what he needs”.  Dude…that is so good.  I would add to that (if John would allow) that instead of disengaging based on the pain he’s caused….(and we would all like to do that) to engage my son with love.  instead of backing away….dive in at make sure he know’s I’m not leaving….wow, good stuff.

Then we went to a Q & A.  My favorite part of the night.  One gal from our group asked a great queston about hearing from God…but then not hearing again for 20 years.  John really related to that and challenged her to engage that question with our small group.  Another guy mentioned a cool statement that I hadn’t heard before: (when seeking Gods will)  “Stay until God tells you to go…Go until God tells you to stay”.  This statement can be taken too literal…don’t be too literal.  For the guy who asked about why he feels that he needs to run until God tells him to stop….after some discussion…John said, “you need to mature in your relationship where He doesn’t have to dismantle us to get our attention”.  Wow, that was good!  John also quoted Oswald Chambers…”If you ever want to be sure of what you hear…test the fruit of it”…(it was something like that…good stuff).  Probably the most impacting moment was a gal who had an emaotional story with abuse from a father and said that Johns book got her through a really tough time.  She wanted to say thanks to John.  John handled that with Wisdom, grace, & maturity of a father.  Great job John.  More about John Eldredge…go to  By the way, if you go to that website, you can read a blog entry by John answering a question about what Jesus would think about smoking Pot. 

Final thought on Eldredge.  Interesting that in a week where the Pope is in DC and visiting all around that area meeting with thousands who hang on his everyword…and the Dali Lama is in Seattle speaking to thousands who are hanging on every word…..  There we were….a bunch of Christians (about 900) hanging on every word of John Eldredge.  Now….I’m sure john would be both honored and freaked out to be mentioned in that group of people.  All three men spoke on God.  Likely…they all believe in God and feel that God loves us.  I’m sure religion was wrapped in each of the talks at some level.  Here is the difference….John was encouraging us to talk with God….listen to God….and move forward in our relationship with Jesus Christ (not our relationship with John Eldredge).  Given the choice of all three speakers….I choose Eldredge.

Brian & Roxi surprised us and showd up tonight.  That was cool.

When was the last time you were Quiet, asked a question, & surrentered?

5 responses to “John Eldredge Tonight.

  1. We love you. Great post. Great night. Gotta go… gotta go listen.


  2. Loran,

    Nice post! Right on bro!! I am so glad you came and brought your small group. It was really awesome seeing so many familiar faces there and meeting some new ones! I think God is continually raising up people like John Eldredge and his team at Ransomed Heart(as well as many others)to bring the message of the gospel in a way that we can relate to here and now.


  3. Loran,

    Thanks for sharing! I will send this out to all the folks I know that went! I was thinking the same thing about the Pope and Dali Lama too!


  4. Loran: Thanks for your impressions and comments. My thanks for this event comes from a point thanks to our Band Of Brothers and our successful efforts to encourage other people to take the chance to go and listen, to come closer and to learn. Especially rewarding to see the younger marrried group show up. This evening was great, but was only a small portion of what John has to say. Additionally I am glad that our BOB’s committed to provide over 80 tickets to help spread the word. My prayer is that others will see the value in getting into a small group and as John noted having a close Christian group that will help you in the daily war lest we be “taken out”……Bob

  5. Loran: Couldn’t agree more. What really stood out to me in addition to what you posted was…

    1] How important the subject of intimacy with God is yet how infrequently it is taught in many churches. What does intimacy look like for each of us? This is especially challenging when the view many of us have seen from our life experiences has been unhealthy. We cannot stress #1 enought “Be Quiet” “be still and know that I am God” easy to say difficult to do. The excercise we did during his talk to literally be still and listen.

    2] The void of the 18-28 year old Christian males in seeking this type of wisdom and attending these types of events. We need to do a better job revealing through our lives this Christian thing is compelling and better than the world’s alternatives.

    3] Something my wife brought up that I thought was ironic and a bit funny… “.. So when we were quite waiting on God how come John kept talking” 🙂 Definitely in humor not complaining

    Challange – Truly be still and listen and pray in a way that allows God to respond this week.

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