No Strings Attached

Yesterday Pastor Troy started a new series called No Strings Attached.  It’s a 3 week series focusing on serving.  Think about what our world much less our community would look like if we all served with no strings attached?  If when we help people…we don’t expect something in return.  Literally….we don’t even think it.  See, some people can say that they have no strings attached…but when it really comes down to it…they do ahve a return expectation.  He ended the day with a 14 day challenge for everyone to serve without the expectation of anything in return.  This is going to be fun for some and challenging for others.  If you’re accustome to serving…it won’t be a problem….yet, if you don’t serve often…it will be hart to find the opportunity.  I think we should all intentionally serve without even the thought of anything in return.  That is what it truly means to be a Christ Follower.

What will you do in the next 14 days to serve someone with no strings attached?

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