Big man in Little seat

So, yesterday at 6AM (PST) Brenda & I proceed to find our seats on the Delta 757 for our flight to Atlanta.  As I move into the window seat, I’m quickly reminded what it’s like to be a “big man in a little seat”.  Now, I’m not complaing but the leg room seems to be shrinking?  I don’t know how the 6 ft plus people do it?  I’m only 5’10” and my knees were touching the seat in front of me.  This is with my butt shoved to the very back of my seat (you know what I mean).  Then, right after we take off the guy in front of me rests his head on my lap (practically) by simply reclining his seat.  As this happens…the captain announces….”our flight today will be 4 hours and 38 minutes.  If I really thought about it…I’d freak out from closterphobia….but I just don’t think.

On another note…I’m in ATL for the Drive Conference.  Very much looking forward to 3 days of leadership, creativity, new ideas, strategy, & groups stuff.  I’ll be posting every chance I get before, during, and after the conference.  Highlight I’m looking forward to the most is connecting with Carlos from here on Monday night.  We’ll likely connect tomorrow at Buckhead….but it’s the conference outside the conference…right?

When was the last time you shoved yourself in a sardeen can for 4 hours & 38 minutes to attend a really cool conference?  Come on…everyone….start commenting…..

One response to “Big man in Little seat

  1. Hey man….I was there for the conference as well. It had a lot of great stuff. I’m an associate worship pastor at New Life Church in Arkansas and as a worship guy, even though it wasn’t worship based, it was great for me to se things from the perspective of others in leadership with me as to why they do things in each one of their departments.

    Side note…I noticed your from Maple Valley…I’m from the Graham, Puyallup area. I moved down here about 3 years ago to come on staff. I’ll add you to my blog just cuase your a fellow Washingtonian. 🙂

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