Drive Session 1

Tonight opened up with the band & Steve Fee performing a cool song (I think it’s called Typical).  Then Andy came up and set up expectations for the event.  Cute video about church staff road trip then into Andy.  Once again, Andy did a great job presenting a topic that for some will be brand new and others might be a topic they’ve already studied.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  As leaders we need to choose to Trust and be Trustworthy.  I liked the way that Andy is able to speak for the senior leader to the staff and share some tough statements that staff might likely hear better and let it sink deeper coming from Andy at a conference as opposed to their own senior leader.

Bottom Line….(as a leader in the middle)

Our leaders need to trust us:  When the senior leader finds the gap between what they expect and experience…they need to trust.  When there is suspicion, they need to trust.  When trust is eroded, they need to come directly to us.

We need to be trustworthy:  We need to do what we say and when we don’t…we need to tell our leader.  We need to not over promise and under deliver…but, if it looks like we’re headed that way…we need to tell our leader.  And, if we’re confronted about the gaps we create…we need to tell the truth.  

When we tell the truth and go directly to our leader with and issue…we will build confidence.

Final Question…..nail in the coffin….

“Are the relationships on your staff worth exporting to your congregation”?  or  How will you feel when you see the people in you congregation building relationships like the relationship on your staff?

Session ended with a powerful worship set led by Steve Fee, Eddie Kirkland, Kristian Stanfill, & Todd Fields with back up by Candi Pearson-Shelton.  Now that’s a powerful line-up.  All this while the Jesus Painter is doing his thing.  Deep, powerful, emotional, moving, celebration, communion, love, and thankfulness.

As a leader, do you trust your team?  As a team member, are you trustworthy?

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