Grow your church!

My pastor made an insightful and fantastic statement today in our staff meeting.  He was reflecting on how sometimes as the Senior Leader he will do things that other people might see as too detailed, small thinking, or something that the “pastor” shouldn’t be doing.  You know, the things that others might think he should delegate.  Troy’s reflection was that he needs to do these things not because he’s the pastor or for the church but for HIM.  He (Troy) needs to connect with a guy who was in his youth ministry back in the day and spend some time with him.  Go the extra mile to engourage him and get him involved in ministry.  Troy said that we all need to not be afraid to do little things.  He then reflected, “Doing little things won’t (by itself) grow the church…it will grow you…growing you WILL grow the church”. 

The context in the meeting when this was shared was valuable.  Too many times we get so focused on our strategy and sticking to the main thing…that we miss Jesus in the little things.  We work so hard to “grow” the church that we forget to “grow” us.  We will never grow a great ministry/organization until we focus on and grow us first.

What areas do you need to grow in today?

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