Hiro-yuki Suzuki from Japan

This is why we do church.  Below is an email sent from Nomar to our pastor (Troy).  Troy is the one on the left.

Dear Pastor Troy,
    My name is Nomar and I go to the Well almost every Sunday. I hope you remember me and Hiro, my foreign exchange student from Japan. Here is the picture that we took together on Sunday.

    It was cool because on Mother’s day we went to a Catholic church because majority of my family are Catholic and we took Hiro with us. He almost fell asleep. I told him, “Hiro, let me take you to my church next Sunday. It will be an experience you’ll never forget.” He then said, ” your not Catholic?” I said, “nope, I’m Christian. We believe in God and Jesus but let’s just say we do things a little different.”

    So Sunday came and right away he was so impressed of how New Life church was so big and clean. Then when we went inside and he saw all the lights and the band his jaw literally dropped to the floor. He was so shocked. He asked me if this really is a church. Then when worship started, again he was amazed. His smile was from ear to ear. He enjoyed the talk and then he started worshiping at the end which made my whole week. The feeling of witnessing a Buhdist worshiping to God and Jesus was just amazing. I told him worshiping is like praying twice and that the feeling that he felt inside of him when he worshiped was the act of God saying that he was with him.
To cut the story short, Hiro-yuki Suzuki from Japan can’t wait to visit New life church again. Thank you Pastor Troy for all the Sunday talks.



How great is it that Nomar trusted us by bringing his foreign exhcange student.  Let us never feel like we’re just going through the motions.  God is trusting us with valuable souls and we’d better not screw it up.

Who is this excited to attend church with you this weekend?

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