This Weekend

This weekend Drew (my son) & I will be going down to Tijuana, MX with 29 people from our church to build 2 of these homes.  This is a time lapse version of a home just like the ones we will build.  We are blessed to serve.  Thanks to all who helped send us here ROXX as well as other family members…& please pray for our safety and the families who will receive these great homes.

What are you doing this weekend?

2 responses to “This Weekend

  1. This weekend I will be celebrating the fact that I get to be your sister! Celebrating growing up, sibling spats, laughing tell my cheeks ache and side hurts, venting, venting, venting, processing, processing, processing, and the unconditional support and judgement free relationship you bring to the table. How lucky am I???!!! Who’d a ‘thunk the mid ’80’s would be the platform for so many great things. Young adulthood to mid life – here’s to many, many, many more great years!

    Your Sister,

    PS: Thanks for the blog love in this post (look, I’m even using “blogger lingo!”).

  2. PS: I really like your new web page lay out.

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