Mexico Home

Last weekend my son & I went to Mexico with 29 other people from our church.  We worked for 2 days building a home for a family of 6.  Bernie & Loreza are the couple who live in this new home.   They have four beautiful kids.  We had a really great time, worked very hard, and feel very blessed.  The house is very simple.  Only 16′ X20’…yet it means so much to the people who live in it.  It’s likely the first time they’ve had a door that locks.  The kids are 3 times more likely to finish school whith a safe home to live in.  I’ll try my best to pontificate the experience over the next few days/weeks.


What did you do last weekend to make a difference in someone elses life?

2 responses to “Mexico Home

  1. I had so much fun…again in Mexico with you. Mexico 2009!!! Hey I started a blog. Check it out.

  2. Dude,

    Word out. Peace out. What’s up. Have no idea why I am greeting this way. Maybe the teenagers have caused me to soak up teen vibe. The only thing is, my speak is probably from the ’80’s. Oh well.

    Hey, I am writing because I wanted to know if you have seen the “Take a Trip” for bloggers on the Compassion web site? I filled out the basic info thinking it would take me to a formal section where I was going to TELL THEM ABOUT YOU!!! But, they stopped at the basics. So, here’s the link if you want to toss your name in their hat:


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