Apologizing to my 14 year old son

So, last night my 14 year old son & I got in a little argument.  He was supposed to empty the dishwasher and he refused.  I asked him many times and he said he wasn’t going to empty it because the dishes were still dirty.  Did he bother to “re-run” the dishwasher….oh noooo…. so as I inspected the dishes…they were clean…just a few had the baked on caked on that you sometimes get when it’s loaded too much.  So, I insisted that he go ahead and empty it and leave the dirty ones in.  He still refused?  He said, I can’t….they’re dirty….that’s not safe?  Who told him that?  After much discussion….I started to empty them myself as he sat and watched (yea, I know it sounds like I was playing victim….but It wasn’t my intent) and I got about 4 dishes out and noticed that they were ALL dirty.  Yea, we ran it…but they were ALL still dirty.

So as the 14 year old skater boy looked on, I re-arranged the dishes…soaped the washer…and re-ran the machine.  He went to bed.  I felt stupid…but was still frustrated.  I was first frustrated because I was partially wrong…and I was frustrated because he was being so stubborn (he gets that from Brenda…uh huh!).  This afternoon I chatted with Drew about that and started by apologizing for getting upset with him.  He was right.  The dishes were dirty.  Then I asked him if there was a different way he could have handled it.  He didn’t know so I enlightened him.  He could have still obeyed and showed me the dirty dishes rather than being disobedient and defiant.

Bottom line…we were both wrong.  Challenge is…I’m the adult.  I shouldn’t loose my cool over stupid stuff like that.  It’s actually easier to apologize to your 14 year old son than you’d think.

Who’s the hardest person you’ve ever had to apologize to?

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