88…Jr. Wins in Michigan

Congrats to Dale Earnhardt Jr.  He finally wins again after a drout in the winners circle.  He’s got a new number, sponsor, & team….and he’s winning.  Yea, I’m a Jr. fan.  He’s a great guy and a great driver.  I didn’t get to watch the race until TIVO last night.  Just as good…even better as I ff through the commercials.  The race came down to gas mileage and strategy.  That’s why I love the sport.  It’s so much more than just driving around in circles.  Go Jr.

Also, Tiger did pretty well on Sunday.

Who are you rooting for today?

2 responses to “88…Jr. Wins in Michigan

  1. The commercials act as a very good accountability tool. This signified the race of a new number that is very well suitable for the sport. To understand this, you have to realize that the sport moves according to the race such as the commercials.

  2. There’s a new number I can tell you how team will react to the commercials. The sport can seem so complicated to a great driver that they may be tempted to wonder if it is really needed. You should look at the sport and say ” this is good ” or ” this is bad “.

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