My friend John Fiskum

Big ups to my buddy John and his family for joining the “high speed” world.  You see, he lives on the “Fiskum Family Farm” out in rural Maple Valley and up until tonight at 10PM were totally dial up.  I’m so proud of them.  Not only for moving into the 90’s but for also catching this fish.  The caption on the original photo was, “John Fiskum catches a fatty” …… think …… think ….ok ….3…2…1…go (insert your own punch line).

John & his wife Stephanie are great people.  Elders at our church and all around cool people to hang with.  They also have a wonderful family.  John is the kind of guy who makes everyone feel great when they’re around him and Stephanie doesn’t know how to have a conversation without laughing.  I hope that I’ll be as cool as John someday.

Name one of your friends that make you smile just at the mention of their name?

5 responses to “My friend John Fiskum

  1. That’s an elder after my own heart!

  2. And to think, he does that kind of stuff for a living.

  3. Triple,

    I have been pondering the below post photo the last 24 hours. Listening to what we can do. In the meantime, I am stopping by to tell you about a cool story I just posted. Thought you might enjoy. It’s a warm fuzzy piece.

    Our friends who just returned from China with #2 have been featured on CNN. If you link here you can watch it:

    Blessings my Brother,

  4. Hey Triple,
    I discovered Skype!!!! Ok, I discovered Skype and then Beth made it happen…!!! Check this out:


  5. I feel like this fish. Not to mention, I was driving and guy were navigating. Theres also a towel warmer in John.

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