Level 42

Favorite band growing up was by far…Level 42.  Just a bit obscure.  A little rock/pop/funk with some jazz.  Maybe that’s why I liked it.  I truly fell for the band the first time I heard one of their songs.  The band just has solid musicians.  One unique thing is that Mark King is the lead singer and the bass player.  The only other band (of big name recognition) who has the similar set up (Bass player/lead singer) that I can think of would be RUSH with Getty Lee.  Here is a clip of Mark King doing what he does best.  Playing bass in a solo the rolling into a full band number with bass solo.

This is the kind of band I’d like to play in and I’d play the bass.

What kind of band would you play in…and what instrument?

5 responses to “Level 42

  1. guitar – New Life Worship team

  2. I just wanted you to know I have been to the DFM many times. It is a little far for me but i do like it. However with all of their unique foods they carry they do not carry a lot of asian things. I do wish I live closer! H

  3. I would love to play the acoustic guitar. It is the most versatile of all the instruments; and maybe the piano. I cannot comment on Level 42, or any of the new bands today. I like it old school – and my favorite is the all time best band ever – the Beatles. They wrote their own stuff, played their on instruments, and are responsible for changing the music industry in so many ways. And if I were in a band, I would be in a four-piece band like John, Paul, Ringo and George; only I would like to keep it in small venues – as in local bars, joints, and outdoor amphitheaters. The best music is when it is organic, and you can’t get that in large arenas.

  4. Wonderful – I would love to read more of your posts.

  5. Just wrote this post:


    Letting you know it includes you.

    Have great weekend!


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