Shopping crazytown at Westfield Southcenter

I took the kids to the mall last night.  This wasn’t just another little visit to the “mall”.  It was exploring the new Westfield Southcenter mall in Tukwilla.  This is a mall that I’ve been to many times from as far back as the early 70’s.  Back when they actually had a grocery store inside and a Payless.  They actually had a full size furniture store in that mall.  I actually worked there for about a year in a Mexican Restaurant.

The new renovations are amazing.  Cool stores, food court, & theater.  The mall is so busy that you can hardly find a parking spot.  I can only imagine what that place is going to be like at Christmas?  Very cool environment.  Worth the visit.  Funny thing is this, all I’ve got to do to be a cool dad is load up my kids and their friends and take them to the mall for the night.  Had lots of fun.

When was the last time you had fun going to the mall?

One response to “Shopping crazytown at Westfield Southcenter

  1. I loved bumping into your article…

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