This is why i’m a great man….

Too often we don’t acknowledge exactly why we are so blessed.  She’s sitting right next to me.  My wife Brenda is my best friend and the best part of me.  Last Tuesday we celebrated 19 years of marriage.  That means we’ve been together for 23 years because we dated for four years before getting married.  She has been in my life longer than being “not in” my life.  (cute)…  As you can clearly see, I married well.  Now, let me give an ounce of what makes our relationship work…  Here it comes… She loves me and I love her.  She’s willing to pack up our house and kids and move across the country not once…but twice in three years.  It came with many tears but not and ounce of lost love or respect.  On the flip side….she is in New York this week with a Friend from ATL at the US Open.  I love that we have a marriage that wants the best for the other person. The best thing for US this week is for her to go to NY with a friend and have a great time.  I know she’s coming home to me on Wednesday night…

Just one of the reasons I love my wife.

Why do you love your “significant other”?

One response to “This is why i’m a great man….

  1. I had to comment on the wife column–since she is a Pearson–she is from good blood!!
    That was so well said and I’m sure that Brenda is glad she married you as well. You are a great couple who wants to serve the Lord and that is what it is all about. !! To GOd be the GLory!!!

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