Finally…schools back in session

School starts back up for Drew & Brooke tomorrow.  Finally.  I’ve enjoyed the summer but they just need more structure back in their diet.  A couple cool things to reflect on this summer.

Drew spent a week with Grandma & Grandpa Pearson

Brooke Spent a week with Grandma & Grandpa Pearson

Brooke played lots of Fast-pitch Softball

Brooke played with her friend Alex a lot

Drew skated about 10 hours a day for a month straight?!?  (that’s Michael Phelps kind of commitment)

They both did Church camp

We went camping at the ocean with family

We went to Yakima over labor day weekend with family

I went to Leavenworth on a staff retreat

Brenda went to the US Open in NYC.

So the summer is over and it’s time to clock back in.  Thank God for a safe and fun summer…please help the kids to represent, grow, learn, & survive middle school/High school this year.  Drew is a 9th grader and Brooke is all over the 7th grade.

I love my kids.

One response to “Finally…schools back in session

  1. I heard this best upcoming artist this weekend… our church hosted Jason Gray… he was incredible (!!!)… he deals with a stuttering handicap, but sings better than anyone… if you link below & click on the left where it says “Launch Juke Box” you can hear one of my favorite songs he sang called, “Losers”… it’s whimsical and incredibly meaningful all at the same time… happy Monday!!!



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