John & Charissa

I had a great night tonight with John & Charissa Bensen.  This is why I love ministry.  I get to hang out with cool people like John & Charissa and then they step up and join my team.  I’m very excited about their new small group starting (back) up this fall.  I really think they’ll do an awesome job leading this group of couples.  They’re also expecting a little baby girl in a few months.

I love hanging out with cool people.  John & Charissa…Thanks for having dinner with me tonight.

What’s cool about what you did tonight?

One response to “John & Charissa

  1. I got to see Sarah Palin give an outstanding speech in Fairbanks, AK tonight. Now, it was from the TV, but what’s kind of cool is that I am in the same state she is tonight….

    Sarah is a God loving, Christian woman with fantastic values, a strong marriage and dynamic family. It’s cool that I am in her home state, hanging with the Alaskan people and that there is a real possibility of her and McCain winning the race.


    ps: Hey Loran, we want more Lichty. It’s good stuff, I encourage you to encourage us with your thoughts, insights and funniness more often.

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