Senate Bill 1738 – Save our children

I’ve been watching less and less of Oprah these days.  I used to really like watching her show because there would be something relevant that I could learn…but these days I’m loosing interest.  I typically tivo it…see the topic…and delete.  Last week she was speaking out on violence toward children…specifically child rape and how it is being shared over the Internet.  I almost deleted it for my own sanity but decided to sit through it and see what she had to say.  The content that was shared on that program made me physically ill.  The thought of what some sick individuals are doing to children made me want to puke.  I think that was Oprah’s intent…literally.  The solution was driving people to urge their representatives in the US Senate to pass Bill #1738 “Protect our children” act.  Now….anything that Oprah suggests politically I can pretty much guarantee that I will not align with her.  Especially since the bill is sponsored by Joe Beiden and Co-sponsored by the liberal Senator from Washington State Patty Murray.  Even with that said, the case was so clear…that I got up off my couch, went to my computer, emailed both Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell and urged them to pass 1738.  I’m sure there’s a bunch of funding stuff added to that bill that I likely won’t agree with…but if passing of this bill with save just one child and put away one more sick PIG…then I will swing to the left and support it right now.

This made me thing of my 12 year old daughter who is spending time with many of her friends.  I trust her friends and their Fathers…but so did the 3 girls represented on Oprah’s show.  As much as I shouldn’t get hyper sensitive about my daughters friends…it just reminds me that I need to stay in contact and in touch with EVERYONE she spends time with.  If you want to jump in and support this bill…you have only one week…email your Senator and tell them to support.  Click HERE for information on how to find your senator and what to do.

God – Please help the passage of Bill #1738 and help the funds to get in the hands of the people who can stop violence against innocent children  Please continue to keep my daughter Brooke safe.


2 responses to “Senate Bill 1738 – Save our children

  1. I copied you and did as you did. Hopefully more people will read your post and do the same.

  2. I went to O’s site and sent a letter to our two senators… thanks for the update on this… this is really important stuff.

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