Happy National Man Day

Today is National Man Day! Happy National Man Day? What did we do to deserve this day? Should we take the day off? I doubt it?

(The following is from the blog Digital City)
The idea was started by two Indiana men, Aaron and Joel Longanecker. According to their Facebook event page, there are more than 73,000 planning on celebrating the day. The day is supposed to be a day to “stand up as a man” and “watch Rocky movies all day” and “scratch yourself” and shoot animals. In fact there is a lot of recommended violence. Sure, those are some stereotypes, but bloodsport doesn’t necessarily equal manhood. In fact, it sounds like activities for a National Boy Day.

Surprising though, not one mention of farting in public.

Some of the tenets of the day and messaging on which we agree:
– Be a good father
– Be responsible for your actions
– Eat an 18 oz. steak
– Get your wife some flowers

If you want to help the Longaneckers out by making National Man Day a holiday, sign their national Man Day petition. So far, there are only 44 signatures of the 5,000 goal.

In the meantime, Happy National Man Day.

What are you doing to celebrate National Man Day?

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