The Biggest Looser…10 reasons why I’m a looser!

Day one is this Friday.  I’ve joined a handful of other people at my club (Tahoma Fitness) to see who is the biggest looser.  Just like the TV show…just not as big!  My team mates are Julie & Dave.  Great people.  Personally, I think we’re going to win (so to speak).  Carrie is our trainer and after meeting her today I’m convinced of just 2 things….either I will loose…or she will kill me.  Either could happen in a realistic sense.

I’ve managed to drag my butt into the club every day this week so far for a good workout.  At least…I thought it was a good workout.  I’ll bet Carrie has a couple ideas for me that will make my knees knock.

Everything changes this Friday.

Here are 10 reasons why I’m a looser:

  1. My heart shouldn’t have to work so hard to keep me alive!
  2. I love my wife
  3. I love my kids
  4. I want to look & feel better
  5. It’s time
  6. I’ve been packing around too much extra “me” for the last….oh, 15 years.
  7. I’ve put on 38 pounds since moving back to Seattle 3 years ago (whats up with that)?
  8. Carrie convinced me to join the team
  9. I want to win (loose)
  10. I need to loose (win)

Do you think I will stick with it for the 6 weeks?

Do you think I could win?

How much do you think I’ll loose? (winner will receive a really cool prize).

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