Time To Listen

Time To Listen is a 15 minute film focusing on the stories of six different homeless individuals and how they navigate life. Weather it’s the economy, substance abuse, poor decisions, health issues, mental illness, chronic homelessness, or life change. Whatever causes homelessness…these six individuals are opening up and sharing about how they became homeless, what it feels like to be homeless, and how they would like you to see them.

Time To Listen is created to introduce issues of homelessness and start a conversation in your group. There is an accompanying discussion guide to help facilitate your group discussion. This film intentionally does not suggest specific solutions. It’s up to your group to discuss the stories from the film, face your own biases toward homelessness, and determine how you will personally get involved in your community.

Download the full (HD) version of the film, 90 second preview, and one-sheet discussion guide for free. Click here:

One response to “Time To Listen

  1. I watched this video last night and found it to be profound. You did an amazing job creating this. The stories of the people who are suffering due to the loss of their home and their personal identity were incredibly moving. A great reminder to all who view it to lead with compassion!

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