That moment when….

That moment when....

That moment when you realize that all of your classmates are watching the film that you created. Humbling and nervous as a room full of colleagues observe this project and give input. Fortunately the project was well received and the input was inspiring and gracious. I’m very excited about how the film, Time To Listen will impact the issue of homelessness.

Your turn:  That moment when….

7 responses to “That moment when….

  1. Dude – you rock…this project will make a difference!

  2. I am totally blown away by your expertise in outreach! Your film brought out some surprising emotions that I am still processing, and I am certain it will generate the awareness and dialogue you hoped to generate on this subject. Kudos!

  3. I am grateful for your ministry and the wonderful work you are doing in the social media to reach people in order to fulfill the call to serve one another. The gift you brought to me was to listen to the video and learn how we can use the digital ministry to teach, preach and testify throw the stories of people who are homeless. It is a very moving film which carries a lot of teachings on love, compassion and care.
    Thank you for Sharing.

  4. That moment when … you stand in front of a new class of students, nervous and humbled by the opportunity to learn with them!

  5. That moment when … after four years of school and continually offering up socially liberal ideas from a deep South background, you confess that you are fiscally conservative.

  6. Loran your presence in our class was such a gift. You brought a larger frame to push up against and with as well as possibilities of what can be done. The film is amazing. I’m sure we have all shared it by now. I hope you feel welcome returning to STM for more classes…. we would all be made better by your presence.

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