She said, “My dad has cancer”.


Dave & Glenice Pearson

About a month ago my wife woke me up at 5:00 AM from a deep sleep with tears in her eyes and said, “My dad has cancer”.  Her dad had just gone into the emergency room the day before because he was coughing up some blood and came home with the diagnosis of lung cancer.  We’re still processing what it means to live with and support a family member with cancer.  We’re blessed to have the online tool of Caring Bridge to update, process, and share the journey.  Dave is feeling fine and somewhat perplexed that his body is dealing with this serious diagnosis.  He starts treatment soon.  We believe that Jesus is our heavenly father and is our healer.  Our prayer is that God will heal Dave from this cancer…but greater than that, our prayer is that God’s “will” be done.  As a family we are deeply grateful for this valuable resource of Caring Bridge.  Click the Caring Bridge logo to view Dave’s Caring Bridge site.


How has technology helped you deal with a challenging time in your life?

3 responses to “She said, “My dad has cancer”.

  1. I am so sorry your family is struggling with this now and I lift my prayers for Dave. I’m glad that Caring Bridge is helping you through this. I did not know about Caring Bridge when my father-in-law was sick.

    He passed away from ALS a little less than two years ago. It was a very hard time for us especially because we live all the way across the country. Facebook helped us keep in touch and was incredibly useful for planning travel and frequent updates. We used Skype so his mother could see him and talk to him as she lives 8 hours away and can’t travel. After he passed away, the funeral home posted a memorial page through Dignity Memorial at where friends and family could leave messages. It was so wonderful to have a place to gather the distant voices of love and support in his name.

    All of those examples are about social media because our class is centered on that. But the best technology for my father-in-law was the one that allowed him to enter keystrokes which it then translated into voice. That was the only way we could communicate with him at all at the end. Technology gave him a huge increase in his quality of life for 10 months. I am truly grateful.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I will be keeping you and your family close in my prayers. I admire your bravery for this blog (and posting on facebook). I truly believe in the power of prayer and it’s reflection in modern medicine. Let me know if there is anything (however small) that I can do.

  3. I offer love and light for you and your family without condition. May it be part of the larger circle, waiting for you as you so need it when you so need it.
    Part of aging is the increasing presence of illness and death within our lives. Each time it visits, I weep and mourn. And then I pack it all up and push it away. Not because I fear it but because life is busy. Life comes with sorrow, this we all live out. I second Irene’s appreciation for you publicly sharing your story as it reminds us that when what we have tried to look away from returns – we are not alone. We can lean into our faith and each other.

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