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Read the story and help my friend John meet his mother!

My friend John at has the unique opportunity to travel to his homeland (Korea) and meet his birth mother who had to give him and his twin brother up at birth.  Click here to read the story.  I challenge everyone who reads this to support John by praying for him and give if you feel led.

This is a picture of his mother on the left.

My neice.

Click here to read a post by ROXX about my niece.  Too cute!

What do I do that reminds my mom about my birth mom?

Fathers Day Tribute….3 fathers…one day

FATHER 1: Today is the day that we celebrate being a father.  To be honest with you…and I was laughing about this today…one of the best things you can do for us on fathers day is just leave us alone.  Feed us and let us watch NASCAR or golf and we’ll be happy.  I know that sounds selfish…I’m just being honest.  This is my son Drew.  Fathers day means a lot to me because I get to reflect on my relationship with my kids.  Specifically Drew.  As an adoptee (me), we experience emotions of “body identity”.  That is trying to identify who we look like.  I’ve gone through my whole life wondering who I look like and who looks like me.  My son, Drew, is the first person I’ve ever met who I can make this connection with (of course my daughter Brooke as well).  When Drew was born he was the first blood relative I’d ever met.  Yea…let that sink in.  I love my kids.  I love their mother even more.  She is truly the best part of our family.  It’s great being a dad every day.  Especially with such a wonderful family.

FATHER 2: Somewhere out there is a guy who would be considered my biological father.  At times I wonder if he ever thinks about what happened to his son 40 years ago?  Does he even know I exist?  Don’t feel sorry for me…I don’t loose any sleep over this one.

FATHER 3:  This is the one who deserves all the honor.  40 years ago he made the choice to bring me into his family and raise me as his son.  I’m sure it wasn’t easy raising 4 kids (I was the youngest) and the money that it cost.  Yet, I never knew that we were ever in need of anything.  He even worked extra hard (as did my mom) to send all four of us to private school.  Never once did he ever give me the reason to think I was anything other than his son.  He has a biological daughter, biological son, and 2 adopted son’s.  We were all loved, provided for, disciplined, and cared for the same.  As fathers go, he wins the prize.  It’s one thing to love the child who is biologically connected to you…that’s easy – but to bring 2 additional kids into the home and love with the same Godly love as he did is another whole level.  Let me introduce you to my father – Sonny Lichty.

Who are you especially proud of today?

Chase Coleman

Meet the Colemans.  This is Ken & Stacy Coleman with their new baby boy Chase.  In the middle is Chase’s biological mother who selflessly assisted in completing Ken & Stacy’s family by allowing them to adopt Chase.  Chase is a beautiful baby.  Ken & Stacy are blessed.  They are great parents to their oldest son (Ty) and will be great parents to Chase.

Let me reflect on the lovely young lady in the middle.  As an adoptee (40 years ago) my mom was likely the same age as the girl in yellow.  She graciously gave me to a family that would be able to provide better care for me than she was going to be able to.  I have to believe that this is whats going through the mind of the girl in yellow.  I so appreciate her love, care, & sacrifice.  It makes me wonder if my biological mother had the same look on her face when she gave me away?  Was she happy that I was going to a better home?  Did she miss me?  Does she miss me today.

I do know that I was raised in a better environment than I might have had she not made that choice.  Adoption is a good thing.  More pregnant ladies should seriously consider this option.  God bless the Colemans.  God bless baby Chase.  God bless the girl in yellow.

 Who are you thankful for today?