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Continuing to learn leadership from John Maxwell

johns-blogSo it’s Friday night and I’m doing my husbandly duties….shopping with my wife.  Suddenly, my iphone starts shaking with some twitter messages.  Many of my friends who know that I spent some time in Atlanta working for John Maxwell were busting shooting me some messages telling me that John had been arrested at an airport in Florida.  As I researched the details to see first if it was true then get the story…I both had compassion for John in the situation, had a little laugh with the circumstances, & learned a valuable leadership lesson.  Leaders take responsibility for their actions and leaders get hurt from doing stupid things.  I can only imagine the unique gifts that his friends will be presenting him with at all his future speaking engagements.

Click HERE to read the story from John’s Blog.

John is a great leader.

Read the story and help my friend John meet his mother!

My friend John at has the unique opportunity to travel to his homeland (Korea) and meet his birth mother who had to give him and his twin brother up at birth.  Click here to read the story.  I challenge everyone who reads this to support John by praying for him and give if you feel led.

This is a picture of his mother on the left.

Meghan Coffee

How can you not love someone with the name Coffee?  Carlos posted this post today about the CD release tonight for Meghan Coffee.  I’m not going to claim to know her because I don’t.  But, click here to go to her webstite and click here to buy her CD.  Watch the video of one of her songs and prepare to be flored.  The song is Psalm Two.  I love it.  Video….Well Done!

What do you think?

Drive session 3…

Session 3 opened with another great high energy song.  The band did a great job.  Now, to Andy’s talk.  He did what I really enjoy about attending conferences.  He threw out his notes for the final session and decided to just talk.  So, he said that he decided to pull out five quotes that he has been wrestling with and he was going to share them with us…give thoughts…and mention a “take away”.  So, here goes:

1. Quote: “To reach people no one else is reaching, we must do things no one else is doing”.  –Craig Grochel

Andy put this on a large document…with the number of unreached people within a 10 mile radius of their three campuses….then posted it in their conference room.  Goal is to have this quote disturbe them every day.

Take Away: Become preocupied with those you haven’t reached as opposed to those you are trying to keep. –Reggie Joiner

2. Quote: The next generation product almost never comes from the previous generation.

Someone on the fringe of ministry is coming up with the next thing.  You can either Fight it or Fund it.  You can be so careful that you’re behind the times…

Take Away: Be a student not a critic

3. Quote: What do I believe is impossible to do in my field, but if it could be done…it would fundamentally change my business?

What in your particular model would you change if you looked at it different?

Take Away: Pay attention to the opeople who are breaking the rules.

4. Quote: If we got kicked out and the board got rid of us, why shouldn’t we just walk out – come back in – and do it ourselves?  (story from the guys at intel, Only the paranoid survive)

Question…ASK…What’s in decline?  Where are we manufacturing energy? (great question)…announcements?  events?  stuff that no-one really wants?…..NOT…Why are people not attending…?  if you’re asking that question…it’s too late!

Question….ASK….What are our underlying assumptions?  What are the assumptions that we as a team have that we really shouldn’t?  Ask someone new to evaluate who we are and what we do?  Signage/environments/wording/communication…etc

Take Away: Acknowledge what’s not working and own up to why you’re not willing to do anything about it.

Side note….This stuff is totally kicking my butt!!!

5. Quote: When your memories exceed your dreams…the end is near.  -Unknown

Crank up the vison.  If the vision isn’t driving it…then the past is.

Success breeds complacency…compacency breeds failure.

Take Away: Don’t let success or momentum overshadow your vision.  Keep the vision out front.

What are things that you’re doing to reach people that no one else is doing?

Drive session 2

Yea…I know that Drive ended 3 days ago but I’ve been running around and didn’t get a chance to post my thoughts on Drive….so….here goes.  The second session was great…yet….I enjoyed the 3 probably the best.  In the second session on Tuesday afternoon it opened with a rockin number by the band.  Little cover tune by Zeplin.  Great job Christina.  Andy’s talk:

Becoming a great staff  (Mark 10)

1. A great staff is made up of “great” leaders.  Leaders that ask the question, “How can I help”?

2. Best practices for creating a “Great” staff.

a. Do for ONE when you can’t do for all.   LOVED this point.  I’ve been involved on teams that the leader would say….well, If I can’t do it for all…I won’t do for any.  OK, that’s fine for them….but what about that one person who really needed what they had to give them? As leaders, we need to ask….what is the ONE thing that this ONE person needs from me?

b. Systematize top down service.  Random acts of kindness is not enough.  If you want your team to serve…make sure they see you serving.  be intentional.  One thing that NP does is assign all team members to a “staff coach”.  This is an older member of the team who will help develop the person of the team members.  The team member can bring anything to this coach to get perspective.  Great idea…especially for larger staffs.

d. Create and maintain a sustainable pace.  Withough margin, there is no room to serve.  Without margin, we seek first OUR kingdom.

e. Celbrate and reward greatness when you see it.  What’s rewarded is repeated!  That is so good!

Andy paused and reflected on one talk he’s developing right now….Symbolic Leadership – I’m going to do for one what I wish I could do for all.  I really like the title…Symbolic Leadership.  Where could we go with that?

f. Confront your ego.  What’s more important:  Creating a great organization or creating a name for yourself?  Ouch!

3. Signs that things aren’t so “great”.

a. Competition between departments

b. Double standards

c. Loyalty lectures

One thing NP does is stop at the beginnning of some staff meeings and write one thank you note.  Great idea.

Wrapped up the session – went on road trip to Brownsbridge – Had outside BBQ – did a quick starbucks run – then came back to hear the Bethany Dillon bluegrass group (not my music style but I can acknowledge the talent).

Then….Jeff Foxworthy.  Yes he was very funny.  Great christian guy!

Top Tip:

Take time to write a Thank You note…

Blog Buddies with Ragamuffinsoul

After Session 1 of Drive we met up with a bunch of bloggers who track with Carlos at Ragamuffin soul.  It was quite a fun/interesting gathering.  Great people.  Nice meeting some of the people who I’ve followed in the blog world.  Especailly enjoyed connecting with carlos & Heather….Reid, Brad, & Pete.  Great time had by all.  Thanks los for organizing our gathering and inspiring us to blog.

I’m the hovering head in the row right in front of the back row on the right side.

When was the last time you met 30 good friends for the first time?

Drive Session 1

Tonight opened up with the band & Steve Fee performing a cool song (I think it’s called Typical).  Then Andy came up and set up expectations for the event.  Cute video about church staff road trip then into Andy.  Once again, Andy did a great job presenting a topic that for some will be brand new and others might be a topic they’ve already studied.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  As leaders we need to choose to Trust and be Trustworthy.  I liked the way that Andy is able to speak for the senior leader to the staff and share some tough statements that staff might likely hear better and let it sink deeper coming from Andy at a conference as opposed to their own senior leader.

Bottom Line….(as a leader in the middle)

Our leaders need to trust us:  When the senior leader finds the gap between what they expect and experience…they need to trust.  When there is suspicion, they need to trust.  When trust is eroded, they need to come directly to us.

We need to be trustworthy:  We need to do what we say and when we don’t…we need to tell our leader.  We need to not over promise and under deliver…but, if it looks like we’re headed that way…we need to tell our leader.  And, if we’re confronted about the gaps we create…we need to tell the truth.  

When we tell the truth and go directly to our leader with and issue…we will build confidence.

Final Question…..nail in the coffin….

“Are the relationships on your staff worth exporting to your congregation”?  or  How will you feel when you see the people in you congregation building relationships like the relationship on your staff?

Session ended with a powerful worship set led by Steve Fee, Eddie Kirkland, Kristian Stanfill, & Todd Fields with back up by Candi Pearson-Shelton.  Now that’s a powerful line-up.  All this while the Jesus Painter is doing his thing.  Deep, powerful, emotional, moving, celebration, communion, love, and thankfulness.

As a leader, do you trust your team?  As a team member, are you trustworthy?

American Girl?

I have an 11 year old daughter and fortunately she just missed the obsession called “American Girl”.  Se is just a little bit too old to catch the American Girl craze.  I’ve breiefly heard about American Girl….yet was still shocked when I drove up to the Northpoint Mall today and saw an entire store dedicated to American Girl.!?  Thank you God for saving me from this expensive passion that my daughter just missed.  I’m not sure I would have survived it (financially).

What trend did you or your kids just miss?

Lunch with good friends at “The Patio”

Today we had lunch at The Patio with Doug Gattis & Barry Phillips.  Great friends here in ATL.  They were both neighbors and in our small group.  Again, we’re truly blessed to have such great friends here in ATL.  God blessed our 3 years here and we are better people today because of our relationships with the Phillips and the Gattiss.

Side note: The Patio is a great lunch spot.  Lots of mom’s & kids….but great lunch.

Where is your favorite lunch spot?

Small Group

Three years ago Andy (the guy in the middle holding the baby) and I committed to leading a group of boys through middle school at church.  I made it into the 7th grade with them before moving to Seattle.  Andy stayed with them all the way through middle school.  The plan here is to build a relationship with these boys so we can walk with them through this very important time of their life.  Our goal was also to communicate the love of Christ in a real and practical way with the guys in our group.  So, I was thrilled when I had a chance to check in with them yesterday.  They are all moving on to High School next year.  These guys are all the same age as my son Drew.  I wish I could have stayed with them but God had a different plan for me.  Great guys – great group.

What are you doing to invest in young lives that aren’t your own children?