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The Biggest Looser…10 reasons why I’m a looser!

Day one is this Friday.  I’ve joined a handful of other people at my club (Tahoma Fitness) to see who is the biggest looser.  Just like the TV show…just not as big!  My team mates are Julie & Dave.  Great people.  Personally, I think we’re going to win (so to speak).  Carrie is our trainer and after meeting her today I’m convinced of just 2 things….either I will loose…or she will kill me.  Either could happen in a realistic sense.

I’ve managed to drag my butt into the club every day this week so far for a good workout.  At least…I thought it was a good workout.  I’ll bet Carrie has a couple ideas for me that will make my knees knock.

Everything changes this Friday.

Here are 10 reasons why I’m a looser:

  1. My heart shouldn’t have to work so hard to keep me alive!
  2. I love my wife
  3. I love my kids
  4. I want to look & feel better
  5. It’s time
  6. I’ve been packing around too much extra “me” for the last….oh, 15 years.
  7. I’ve put on 38 pounds since moving back to Seattle 3 years ago (whats up with that)?
  8. Carrie convinced me to join the team
  9. I want to win (loose)
  10. I need to loose (win)

Do you think I will stick with it for the 6 weeks?

Do you think I could win?

How much do you think I’ll loose? (winner will receive a really cool prize).

It’s cool to live in Seattle….

It’s cool to live in Seattle because at any given time you might stumble upon one of the coolest coffee shops in the world. Let me introduce you to Fuel Coffee.  It’s on 19th about 2 blocks from Republican on Capital Hill. Very cool little shop with really cool people hanging out both inside and outside. Free wi/fi and good coffee. You can’t ask for a much better Wednesday afternoon find.  Also, on the same block is the Kingfish Cafe.  I’ll blog on that place after I eat there.

What do you love about the city you live in?




Celebrating a birthday 3 months late

Drew’s birthday is on December 24th. We really do our best to try and separate it from Christmas. We plan events that are birthday specific. We use birthday wrapping paper. We have specific events with family on Christmas eve that is supposed to be birthday only (not always successful). I even do my annual (Dad take Drew to) birthday for his birthday. I do the birthday thing with both my kids on their birthday. Nothing stops this. I’ve done it every year of their life.
So, why did I find myself feeding 9 15 year old boys tonight (March 6th) at the skatepark in celebration of Drew’s birthday?
Quick answer….there was a bunch of snow around Drew’s birthday that hindered a “friend” party. Now, I don’t think that is one of the earmarks that were just shoved in the first round of legislation under our new Preslebrity. Nor was it an executive order. My kids believe they have a right to have a “friend” birthday party every year.
The other reason might be that Drew has been restricted for 3 weeks due to grades and this was his last ditch effort to squeeze out of restriction for one night.
Either way….I got to play the cool dad. Driving the boys to the skate park. Listening to noise coming out of the radio that I couldn’t recognize much less enjoy (I sound like my dad), & buying them all pizza, soda, & Slurpee’s. It was a great fun night. I love it. I’ve got a great kid. He’s smart (just needs to do schoolwork to his potential), talented, great skater, loyal friend, fun to be with, & my guy.
Happy Birthday Drew

Rick Warren is praying at the inauguration!

rick-warren1Wow, it shocks me the amount of uproar in the liberal community specifically the gay & lesbian community over Rick Warren praying at the inauguration.  One of the greatest political things to happen for the GL community is the election of Obama to be president.  Reality is, this is a very good political move by President-elect Obama.  This is his way of stretching across the proverbial aisle and embrace the other half of the country (that didn’t vote for him).  How would the GL community feel if Obama put someone like Warren on his cabinet?  Yea….think about that.  You’d think they’d be happy that all Pastor Warren is doing is the invocation at the inauguration?  Remember, Obama is (by his own admission) a Christian.  He & Pastor Warren are basically on the same page here.  Why wouldn’t he have Pastor Warren say a prayer of blessing at this historic event.  Obama is certainly not going to have Rev. Wright?  Yea?

As a person who cast my vote for McCain, I’m more and more impressed with President-elect Obama.  I still disagree with most of his policies…but I will pray for him and support him as my president.  Also, Obama & his team has done a fantastic job embracing technology during this transition and truly reach out to the people to communicate the process.  I feel almost as close to the process by subscribing to their blog as if I were there in person.  In a world where people struggle to trust our leadership….I appreciate the level of communication by the President-elect to me personally.

Question.  Is Rick Warren the new Billy Graham?  How would Joel Osteen feel to hear that?…move on…

So….to the Obama supporters who are upset about Pastor Warren praying…chill out….it could be worse.

….to the conservatives who think that Warren should get up at the inauguration and try to prove a political point….you don’t have a clue.  The simple fact that he’s invited to the party is enough.  The love of Jesus will be communicated simply by the mere presence of Pastor Warren.

Father – Please bless President elect Obama, his family, & his team who are working very hard to turn our country around.  Keep them safe and bring our great country closer to you.

What do you think about Pastor Warren praying at the Inauguration?

Senate Bill 1738 – Save our children

I’ve been watching less and less of Oprah these days.  I used to really like watching her show because there would be something relevant that I could learn…but these days I’m loosing interest.  I typically tivo it…see the topic…and delete.  Last week she was speaking out on violence toward children…specifically child rape and how it is being shared over the Internet.  I almost deleted it for my own sanity but decided to sit through it and see what she had to say.  The content that was shared on that program made me physically ill.  The thought of what some sick individuals are doing to children made me want to puke.  I think that was Oprah’s intent…literally.  The solution was driving people to urge their representatives in the US Senate to pass Bill #1738 “Protect our children” act.  Now….anything that Oprah suggests politically I can pretty much guarantee that I will not align with her.  Especially since the bill is sponsored by Joe Beiden and Co-sponsored by the liberal Senator from Washington State Patty Murray.  Even with that said, the case was so clear…that I got up off my couch, went to my computer, emailed both Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell and urged them to pass 1738.  I’m sure there’s a bunch of funding stuff added to that bill that I likely won’t agree with…but if passing of this bill with save just one child and put away one more sick PIG…then I will swing to the left and support it right now.

This made me thing of my 12 year old daughter who is spending time with many of her friends.  I trust her friends and their Fathers…but so did the 3 girls represented on Oprah’s show.  As much as I shouldn’t get hyper sensitive about my daughters friends…it just reminds me that I need to stay in contact and in touch with EVERYONE she spends time with.  If you want to jump in and support this bill…you have only one week…email your Senator and tell them to support.  Click HERE for information on how to find your senator and what to do.

God – Please help the passage of Bill #1738 and help the funds to get in the hands of the people who can stop violence against innocent children  Please continue to keep my daughter Brooke safe.


My neice.

Click here to read a post by ROXX about my niece.  Too cute!

What do I do that reminds my mom about my birth mom?

John McCain for Pres….Oh yea…and Palin for VP

OK, I’m driving the stake in the ground.  I’m not a member of a political party yet I do lean on the conservative side.  I’ve always respected John McCain for many different reasons yet struggled to connect with him.  I found it easy to connect with Obamma…yet couldn’t find an ounce of substance in anything he said.  So, the thing that is causing me to make my wide swing to the right and declare not only who I’m voting for but yes…who I’m campaigning for…is the VP nominations.  I can’t stand Bieden and I think that Palin exactly what our country needs right now.  Now don’t go getting upset thinking that I’m jumping on any bandwagon or that I am not looking at the issues.  I know that we’re voting for the President and that the President is the top of the ticket.  Yet, I vote for the whole ticket.  Am I comfortable with Sarah Palin being one breath away from the oval office….?  You bet I am.  She is making the most sense out of anyone I’ve heard yet.  Read this little message from my buddy Porter who went to a Palin rally in Fairbanks tonight:

I got to see Sarah Palin give an outstanding speech in Fairbanks, AK tonight. Now, it was from the TV, but what’s kind of cool is that I am in the same state she is tonight….

Sarah is a God loving, Christian woman with fantastic values, a strong marriage and dynamic family. It’s cool that I am in her home state, hanging with the Alaskan people and that there is a real possibility of her and McCain winning the race.


It’s proven that John McCain has the experience to run this country and the dedication to get us where we need to get.  I’m getting awfully sick of people commenting that Sarah Palin doesn’t have experience nor a resume.  Her resume is the actions she’s been taking over that last few years.  The liberal media has been in a absolute Brittany Spears frenzy to find dirt on the VP nominee and they’ll do whatever it takes to find dirt.  The reason they’re so scared is because they’re not finding enough.  I’ve got great friends and family members who will be seduced by Obama and actually vote for him.  I still love them.  I understand why they want to vote for him.  He is very fun to listen to.  I think Barrack Obama would make an awesome director of a community based organization.  I just don’t trust him to run our country.  Here is my final question.  It’s to my 14 year old son Drew.

Drew, you’ll turn 18 while the next president is in his first term.  You’ll go down to the post office (or on-line) and register for the selective service (draft).  Who do you want making the decision weather you step up and serve…..Obama or McCain?     He said McCain and I agree.

So I say…Support, vote for, give money to, campaign for, tell your friends to….vote for McCain/Palin.

Yea I said it….What Now?


Do you ever get frustrated when things don’t go the way you expect?  Especially when there is nothing you can do to to help/change the situation.

I’ve recently had a couple pretty intense conversations with a couple really good friends and I just don’t understand where they’re coming from.  Challenge is…they can’t communicate with me where they’re coming from.  As a “fixer” this is VERY challenging for me.  I get that I can’t “fix” everything but I truly want to help.  These are situations where I can’t help.  I need to stand aside and let God deal with them individually.  As frustrating as that is to me….that’s all I got.

Is it just me?  or does anyone else get frusterated at times?

Bag em & Tag em

Today was a great day.  If my church office was an environment where we had a bell right inside the door and when you close a sale….as you walk in the door you ring the bell and everyone would cheer……..I would have rang the bell twice.  Days like today are why I love my job.  I got to meet with 2 really sharp couples and chat with them about leading a small group this fall.  Both couples were very receptive and ready to lead.  I love days like today.  Don’t get me wrong.  To have a day like today literally represents with couple one the culmination of a 10 year relationship, about 14 connection points over the last 13 months and patience.  With couple two it represents persistence when I felt God leading me to engage in relationship, relentlessly pursuing the connection, making my calender fit in theirs so I could meet 7 months ago, engaging with their agenda and easing in my desire for them, sharing the right vision, inviting them into my community for 5 months, navigating the conversation, & knowing when to back off and say, “welcome on the team”.  I celebrate the big step these couples made today.  I am moved by the impact that today will have in the lives of the 10 other couples who will be led by them in the next couple years.  Engaging with people and encouraging them to use their gifts & talents for ministry is no short term gig.  You’ve got to be in it for the long haul and side step many (and I mean many) let downs to have a day like today.  I’m grateful to be part of such a great church and I’m humbled that God would choose to use a knucklehead like me to impact people for Christ.

How was your day?

Great Conversations…

I had a great conversation with a good friend today.

Who did you have a great conversation with today?