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Pray for our Police!

We need to pray for the men & women who protect us.  Our Police & Fire Fighters.

This Sunday we’re taking time in our services to remember & pray for Police Officers, Fire Fighters & their families.

In the wake of the recent tragedies in Seattle & Tacoma where we’ve seen such a terrible loss of life with our frontline public servants, we at New Life Church want to take a moment this Sunday to honor & pray for our Police Officers, Fire Fighters & their families.

Renton, WA  December 3, 2009: Sunday, December 6th we will be honoring and praying for the Police Officers and Fire Fighters in our region during our three morning services.  All Police & Fire Fighters who are available on Sunday, December 6th are invited to attend any of our morning services in uniform so we can recognize them and pray a blessing on them and their families.

  • Sunday services are at 9:00 AM , 10:30 AM, & 12:00 Noon.
  • We have fun & exciting childcare for infants, pre-school & elementary kids.

Additionally…Renton Christian School will be keeping their flag at half mast & praying for our Police & Fire Fighters in their classes this week.

We’ll be showing the memorial services live in our chapel on Tuesday, December 8th at 1 PM.

How to participate if you’re a Police Officer or Fire Fighter:

  • Attend one of our 3 Sunday morning services and we will recognize all of our local Police & Fire Fighters at the end of the service.  Feel free to wear your uniform.
  • Go to our website: and click on the Prayer button on our home page.  Let us know your needs and we will be praying for you and anything else we can do to help.
  • Call our office: 425.226.0880 and leave your prayer request with our receptionist or on our voicemail.

For Questions about our Sunday services and our prayer emphasis for our local Police & Fire Fighters, contact Pastor Loran Lichty – or 425.226.0880.

Click here to go to the New Life website.  You can download the press release and request prayer.

Let’s never stop praying for those who protect us.

It’s easy to find a reason not to join a community group. Here are some of mine:

Posted from the Buckhead Church Blog.  This is the experience of Amber Blossom.  I’d love to add to the story but I really can’t.  This is truly the experience of multiplying your group and starting a new one.  Amber summed it up very well.  Enjoy…

It’s easy to find a reason not to join a community group.  Here are some of mine:

·      I have enough friends.

·      I hate the idea of mingling with strangers.

·      We’ll find our own community naturally.

·      I don’t want to have a commitment every week.

·      I just had a baby…ok, two years ago but time flies!

·      I’d rather do something more fun.

·      I’m lazy.

·      I’m tired.

·      I’m scared.

Sound familiar?  And these were my thoughts even after a great group experience. I still hesitated to jump into another group.  We had such great connections with our first group, how would a new group ever compare?  I started thinking of all we’d been through with our last group.  In the 18 months we were together, we had seen each other through four babies, one wedding, mission trips, family illness, home buying, home renovation, quitting jobs, starting new ones, and countless other every day experiences.  How do you even begin to match the natural chemistry of a group that has been through so much?  Was that group just a fluke?  Does “doing life together” really work consistently?

Well, after a few months off, my husband and I decided to find out.  We connected with our new group at GroupLink.  I love the video promos for GroupLink that compare it to a middle school dance—awkward but worth it.  We found that to be a perfect description of our experience.

We met as a group of strangers.  There was no telling how this was going to pan out.  We started meeting, getting to know each other, hearing each other’s stories.  We are each very different, from different backgrounds and paths that led us to where we are.  But within a few weeks, it was apparent that we all had a common thread.  We connected around a living room in an authentic effort to support, encourage and love each other and grow in our relationships with the Lord.  Being in each other’s lives multiplies our ability to see God at work in the big and small stuff of all our lives.

I don’t want to stop with that thought, though.  I know how easy it can be to write my story off.  Lucky me, lucky us, it just happened to work out.  But let me be real with you.  It’s not always perfect or easy. I don’t always want to go to group.  Sometimes I’m tired, lazy or didn’t read the book we’re talking about. We are not all best friends calling each other every other minute, taking vacations together and agreeing on everything. I do think we have a unique chemistry, but this isn’t a fairy tale.  We are real people with opinions and circumstances that complicate life and build walls up. But we all want to be in this group.  There’s no doubt about it.  And commitment says so much!  It says, “I care.  I’m here.  I don’t always know why or what to say or do, but I’m here because I know this is a good thing.”

In our experience, being in community is always worth it.  We never expect it and we often doubt it, but that makes it all the better when God shows up on Monday nights in a living room.

Do you have a unique group experience?  Or maybe you haven’t yet joined a group?  What makes you hesitate?  Tell us about it!

Amber Blossom

Who are you doing community with?

I am on facebook…and I love this video…

Thanks Natalie

Rick Warren is praying at the inauguration!

rick-warren1Wow, it shocks me the amount of uproar in the liberal community specifically the gay & lesbian community over Rick Warren praying at the inauguration.  One of the greatest political things to happen for the GL community is the election of Obama to be president.  Reality is, this is a very good political move by President-elect Obama.  This is his way of stretching across the proverbial aisle and embrace the other half of the country (that didn’t vote for him).  How would the GL community feel if Obama put someone like Warren on his cabinet?  Yea….think about that.  You’d think they’d be happy that all Pastor Warren is doing is the invocation at the inauguration?  Remember, Obama is (by his own admission) a Christian.  He & Pastor Warren are basically on the same page here.  Why wouldn’t he have Pastor Warren say a prayer of blessing at this historic event.  Obama is certainly not going to have Rev. Wright?  Yea?

As a person who cast my vote for McCain, I’m more and more impressed with President-elect Obama.  I still disagree with most of his policies…but I will pray for him and support him as my president.  Also, Obama & his team has done a fantastic job embracing technology during this transition and truly reach out to the people to communicate the process.  I feel almost as close to the process by subscribing to their blog as if I were there in person.  In a world where people struggle to trust our leadership….I appreciate the level of communication by the President-elect to me personally.

Question.  Is Rick Warren the new Billy Graham?  How would Joel Osteen feel to hear that?…move on…

So….to the Obama supporters who are upset about Pastor Warren praying…chill out….it could be worse.

….to the conservatives who think that Warren should get up at the inauguration and try to prove a political point….you don’t have a clue.  The simple fact that he’s invited to the party is enough.  The love of Jesus will be communicated simply by the mere presence of Pastor Warren.

Father – Please bless President elect Obama, his family, & his team who are working very hard to turn our country around.  Keep them safe and bring our great country closer to you.

What do you think about Pastor Warren praying at the Inauguration?

How do you hear from God?

I know I’ve been away….I’ll try not to ignore my blog for so long again…….

Below is an article I wrote for the Seattle Christian School alumni newsletter.  Enjoy

Growing up in Mrs. Klerekoper’s 9th grade bible class I remember learning how God would speak to the children of Israel. How they would be in peril or just simply looking for direction and God would show up in the form of a pillar of fire, parting waters, or even a burning bush. At the ripe age of 15 I didn’t have a clue that one day I would need to have an ear that would hear from God. When faced with a life choice and asking God to give you direction…what do you do? How does God speak to you? Where do you go to “hear” from God? This has been my journey for the last 5 years…

Life was good and I loved my job. I was in ministry full time at the church I’d attended for 12 years. I had a great wife, 2 beautiful kids, a great dog and a healthy mortgage. Why would God be stirring me to make a change? Why would I feel like I needed to take a big step? I remember discussing this with my wife and sharing with her my desire to be directly in the middle of God’s will for me. She agreed…yet didn’t feel the same way about possibly moving across the country based on a “feeling”. I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Moving to Atlanta, GA and working for my hero and mentor John Maxwell. What a great opportunity. Truly my wife would have the same excitement about this move that I had and she’ll jump for joy at the possibility of leaving all our friends & family here in Seattle for this job? We’ll, not exactly. At first she was hesitant. Then we had a great conversation with my mother-in-law about how to pray for Gods will in this decision. She said, “If it’s truly God’s will….He will confirm it in our spirit individually and separately so we will both feel the confirmation”. That was truly wisdom. As we prayed about this opportunity…we both had peace that this was God sending us on this journey. So we moved to Atlanta…..everything was great until I lost my job 10 months later.

10 months after I moved to Atlanta the company I worked for was sold and my position didn’t exist anymore. How could I have done this? How could I have moved my family to the other side of the country and then loose the very job that brought us here? When I faced my wife to tell her the bad news she just simply looked at me with love and understanding and said, “God moved us here for a reason….let’s just figure that out”. Since we knew that we didn’t just move on a whim…we knew that God had a reason for us to make the move and we were determined to walk that path.

I could have pressured my wife to move across the country and she probably would have agreed. Yet, by seeking wisdom from mentors and praying for God’s will….we made the right choice. Living in the center of God’s will is the best place for me & my family.

How do you hear from God?

You ask….I answer!

Occasionally people will email me with a great question.  Rather than just sending the info back to them…I’m posting it.  Here ya go.


Subject: SG Trainings

Hey Loran:

When do you do your SG Trainings?  I believe you did yours during the services, and asked them to attend one of them, true?  Has this worked well for you?  What are the pros and cons of this?


Since we don’t ask people to stay for both service & Sunday school…it works well. I get about 65% attendance to the training. Typically the majority of those who don’t attend are either serving somewhere in ministry or out of town. I find it very successful.

Here’s what we do (Pro’s I guess….):

S2 training (Shared Skills)

Services: 9AM, 10:30AM, 12 Noon

Training 10:30AM & 12:15PM.

This way they can attend their service and then come to training.

It forces me to keep the training down to 1 hr 20 min.

We have six essentials and rotate the topic.

Lots of table discussion

We feed them brunch/lunch

I give out free stuff.

I ask the leaders to invite their co-leaders/apprentices to come.

I repeat the training on the Tuesday after the Sunday training for the Pastors (They typically can’t attend the training on Sunday). I have them invite their spouses to the Tuesday training. We typically have a Pastors staff meeting every Tuesday at 8:30….so for that Tuesday we do Group Leader Training.  I also host a Grouplife leaders conference in October.

Con’s…..overall vision. People that attended one training think they’ve been there done that and don’t need more. I need to continually cast the vision for ongoing training. Side note: people want ongoing training…. They just don’t know how to package it and value it when it’s offered. I can directly point to the successful groups and failing ones and tie that into their involvement in ongoing training.

Limited time?

Can’t get too specific due to time & audience. I invite all leaders (men’s, ladies, marrieds) to this training at the same time. (future, I might split up the weekends and do marries one weekend and men/ladies the next…..not there yet).

People might choose training over service….not good.

Believe it or not…room availability.

That’s it for now.


Ask Another?

Senate Bill 1738 – Save our children

I’ve been watching less and less of Oprah these days.  I used to really like watching her show because there would be something relevant that I could learn…but these days I’m loosing interest.  I typically tivo it…see the topic…and delete.  Last week she was speaking out on violence toward children…specifically child rape and how it is being shared over the Internet.  I almost deleted it for my own sanity but decided to sit through it and see what she had to say.  The content that was shared on that program made me physically ill.  The thought of what some sick individuals are doing to children made me want to puke.  I think that was Oprah’s intent…literally.  The solution was driving people to urge their representatives in the US Senate to pass Bill #1738 “Protect our children” act.  Now….anything that Oprah suggests politically I can pretty much guarantee that I will not align with her.  Especially since the bill is sponsored by Joe Beiden and Co-sponsored by the liberal Senator from Washington State Patty Murray.  Even with that said, the case was so clear…that I got up off my couch, went to my computer, emailed both Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell and urged them to pass 1738.  I’m sure there’s a bunch of funding stuff added to that bill that I likely won’t agree with…but if passing of this bill with save just one child and put away one more sick PIG…then I will swing to the left and support it right now.

This made me thing of my 12 year old daughter who is spending time with many of her friends.  I trust her friends and their Fathers…but so did the 3 girls represented on Oprah’s show.  As much as I shouldn’t get hyper sensitive about my daughters friends…it just reminds me that I need to stay in contact and in touch with EVERYONE she spends time with.  If you want to jump in and support this bill…you have only one week…email your Senator and tell them to support.  Click HERE for information on how to find your senator and what to do.

God – Please help the passage of Bill #1738 and help the funds to get in the hands of the people who can stop violence against innocent children  Please continue to keep my daughter Brooke safe.


I’m so excited

Tonight we launched three new Crown Financial groups representing 40 people.  This is so exciting because #1. They’re connecting in community and #2…they’re learning Godly principles for their finances.  Watching all those people meet their new leader for the first time and check out the rooms that they’ll be meeting in made me feel great.  I love my job!  I could take nights like tonight 3-4 times a week.  Thanks Michelle, Amy, & Greg for stepping up and leading these groups.  You’ll have a special gem in your crown in heaven and a Starbucks card from me for taking what God put in your bucket and simply pouring it into someone else.

What are you excited about tonight?

Bag em & Tag em

Today was a great day.  If my church office was an environment where we had a bell right inside the door and when you close a sale….as you walk in the door you ring the bell and everyone would cheer……..I would have rang the bell twice.  Days like today are why I love my job.  I got to meet with 2 really sharp couples and chat with them about leading a small group this fall.  Both couples were very receptive and ready to lead.  I love days like today.  Don’t get me wrong.  To have a day like today literally represents with couple one the culmination of a 10 year relationship, about 14 connection points over the last 13 months and patience.  With couple two it represents persistence when I felt God leading me to engage in relationship, relentlessly pursuing the connection, making my calender fit in theirs so I could meet 7 months ago, engaging with their agenda and easing in my desire for them, sharing the right vision, inviting them into my community for 5 months, navigating the conversation, & knowing when to back off and say, “welcome on the team”.  I celebrate the big step these couples made today.  I am moved by the impact that today will have in the lives of the 10 other couples who will be led by them in the next couple years.  Engaging with people and encouraging them to use their gifts & talents for ministry is no short term gig.  You’ve got to be in it for the long haul and side step many (and I mean many) let downs to have a day like today.  I’m grateful to be part of such a great church and I’m humbled that God would choose to use a knucklehead like me to impact people for Christ.

How was your day?

Multiply and start something new…

This is our married small group.  We’ve been meeting weekly for the last 16-17 months (with time off for good behavior).  All good things come to an end…or Mulitply as I like to say.  As the grouplife pastor it is vital that I model multiplication in our groups weather I like it or not.  Personally I would have preferred to hang with this group for another season…but it is time for us to multiply and create this same environment for more people.  Multiplcation is hard to do….(sung to the tune breaking up is hard to do).  Please note…this picture does not represent everyone in our group.  We’re missing the Brundages, Dawn, & my friend Tim.  Tim died of cancer last October.  Thats his wife Laura standing between Brenda & I.  Evan though our group is multiplying and we won’t be gathering on a weekly basis….people like Laura will always be right in the middle of everything we do.  For that matter…everyone in our group will be close and share a special time of connecting and growing in our faith together.  It’s sad to see this season come to a close….  I’m anxious for the next small group season.  Will God bless us with a group as good as this one?  Will we love them the way we love these people?  Yea, even the grouplife pastor asks these questions.  This is why I love doing what I do!

Note:  Sorry for the blurry line Fisburn.  Not intentional…..something on the lense…

Who are you doing life with?