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Dinner with Adam & Amy

Last week Brooke & I had dinner with our friends Adam & Amy Ford.  They’re pictured here with their cute 2 yr old Tatum.  We had a great time eating Papa Johns pizza on a Thursday night.  Adam & Amy are going to lead one of our “Just Married” groups this fall.  I’m very excited about this because they’re very cool people.  Just the fact that I was able to eat dinner with them increases my cool quotient by at least 5.  Here are reasons that Adam & Amy are cool:

10. Cool Glasses

9. Cool black T-shirts

8. Cool new car

7. Cool BMW motorcycle

6. Amy reminds me of my cool Sister-in-law ROXX

5. Look at the picture….they’re cool.

4. Related to Erik & Tammie….That’s cool

3. Leading a “just married” small group this fall…..very cool.

2. She’s a therapist…scary cool

1. He works at Starbucks…(angels singing)….totally cool!

Enough of the fun.  We had a great time hanging with Adam & Amy.  The best part of my job as Grouplife pastor is getting to hang with leaders like Adam & Amy.  I’m really looking forward to having them on my team and connecting many couples in community with them.  Welcome to the team Adam & Amy.

Who do you know that is cooler than you?

It’s cool to live in Seattle…


Clay Bennett is a liar and a theif

It’s cool to live in Seattle because we didn’t let the NBA and Clay Bennett hold us hostage for another stadium tax.  Here’s the way I see it.  The Sonics didn’t leave….some greedy greasy business guy came in…bought a franchise (with full intent to move it) and moved it to OKC.  The Sonics that I loved will alwasy be in Seattle and if they never resurrect…the RIP.  I was not a season ticket holder so I’m just as much to blame for them leaving as everyone else.  Here’s my opinion.  I think the NBA is a JOKE!  I’m not sure we should raid another city of their team…nor should we put anything into an expansion team.  Again…Stern is sitting back and saying, ” pay up and build a new stadium and then we’ll consider giving you another team”.  Give me a break.  We can not stand for any more taxes.  Side note….my buddy Howard Schultz, “Mr. Starbucks” doesn’t get off the hook that easy.  He should have never sold to Clay.  Please tell me he’s not the only person in Seattle that didn’t see this coming?  Yet…because I love my Starbucks….I’m quick to forgive uncle Howard.  Stop the bleeding.  Besides…with the Sounders(MLS) coming back…and playing at QWest…..I think we have a new sport in town that will take place of basketball.  I love the fact that QWest will be getting more playing time.

So, good riddens to the group of people and ownership who just moved to OKC.  The are not and never will be the Sonics.  Welcome back Sounders.  I think I might just get season tickets for the MLS.

Makes me proud to live in Seattle.

Why are you proud of your city?

10 miles on the bike

Today I rode 10 miles on the bike.  Beautiful day…sunny…about 80 deg.  Rode with Brenda & Brooke.  We had an awesome time.  “Special day”.  I feel great.  I always feel better after the ride than right before.

Also, I met with the Ripley’s this morning to chat about them leading a group this fall.  I’m so excited about their group.  They will be great leaders.  I get totally pumped after meeting with leaders like Greg & Lori.  I wish I could do that every day.  On the flip side…I get totally bummed when I hear that someone is leaving or struggling for some reason.  I need to make sure I manage my emotional intake and keep meeting with strong/growing leaders.  I know that at times I need to meet with troubled people…but I want that to be the exception.  While on our bike ride, we ran into Chris & Tracy.  What an awesome couple.  They were on their way to Moses Lake.  I really like them.  Sharp people.  It’s funny how I found myself stopping 2-3 different times to help people with directions.  I don’t even know the trails that well…but when I see people having a question type look on their face…I need to stop and help.  Maybe it’s my southern charm?  Yes…I do care more about connecting than winning.

This bike riding thing is good.  I think I’ll keep doing it.

What did you do today that totally invigorated you?

My friend John Fiskum

Big ups to my buddy John and his family for joining the “high speed” world.  You see, he lives on the “Fiskum Family Farm” out in rural Maple Valley and up until tonight at 10PM were totally dial up.  I’m so proud of them.  Not only for moving into the 90’s but for also catching this fish.  The caption on the original photo was, “John Fiskum catches a fatty” …… think …… think ….ok ….3…2…1…go (insert your own punch line).

John & his wife Stephanie are great people.  Elders at our church and all around cool people to hang with.  They also have a wonderful family.  John is the kind of guy who makes everyone feel great when they’re around him and Stephanie doesn’t know how to have a conversation without laughing.  I hope that I’ll be as cool as John someday.

Name one of your friends that make you smile just at the mention of their name?

Saturday at the park with Brooke

I spent yesterday at the softball field watching my daughter Brooke and her team participate in one of their fast pitch tournaments.  I was literally there from Noon until 10 PM.  Their last game was supposed to start at 8:00 and it started at about 8:30 PM.  I remember at the beginning of the season wondering what the weekend would look like if there was a tournament?  Would it keep us from doing what we wanted to do?  Would we feel like we weren’t able to accomplish anything?  Would it be fun?  Would I like it?  Then, I talked to my aunt Jennifer whose daughter Shelly played fast pitch for many years.  She said, “get ready…it’s expensife, takes a lot of time, and you’re gone every weekend”.  But then she said, “and we loved every minute of it.  It was a lot of fun”.  So, I listened to her and we’ve baby stepped our way into this world.  I mean come on…Brooke is only 12.  Well, I can honestly say, it was fun and I love it.  It wasn’t a waste of my time and I feel like we accomplished a lot.

And when you look at the smile on her face…you know you’re at the right place.  I’m so proud of her.  She has improved so much with her game.  Especially with her hitting.  She is doing a great job hitting the ball and getting on base.  So, I’m hooked.  I’m ready to be the dad that spends the day at the park with his daughter.  Again, she’s one of the best things I’ve got going for myself.

So, what did you do on Saturday?

Why do the good ones always leave?

We’ve got the best neighbors.  Great people to hang with.  Great kids.  We really like hanging out with them.  Today they told us that they might (probably likely) be moving to Boston.  Why do the good ones always leave?

Of course we’re very supportive and want the best for them…we just like living around really cool people.  I’m sure that whatever God has planed for them….they will do.  Blessings to Evan & Sarah.  We’ll be praying for you as you consider this potential move.

Why is it the good ones that leave?

He’s Running

Be Change!

Jason is running 100 miles in Sacramento, CA today to raise awareness & money for healthcare for kids in an inner city school.  Go here to get live updates.

Run 100 miles in 24 hours? What?

My little part of Creative Chaos with my buddy Los from

Extra Mile Run

My buddy Jason Harper is doing something that in my opinion transends what normal people do.  Jason is going to run 100 miles in 24 hours today (Thursday 5/15/08).  He has been on a campaign for the last five years to make life better for a bunch of inner city kids in Sacramento.  Specifically, Oak Creek Elementary.  Everything from better materials to learn, better play environments, and now heal care for all of them.  Yes, all of them.   This is really incredible…both his commitment to these kids and the fact that he will run 100 miles in 1 day?  This is extreme creative chaos. 

He’s going to start running on Friday and stop once he runs 100 miles.  He’ll be listenting to his IPOD through the whole run and I along with 99 other close frineds recorded encourageing messages that will be interspursed with songs encouraging him at the beggining of each mile.  Jason is an absolute stud for attempting this physically and doing it for all the right reasons.

Check out his site and donate if you can.  He has a bunch of people lining up to help…and needs more.


One of the greatest nights we have at New Life is the night we connect people in small groups.  We call it grouplink.  Tonight we had grouplink and connected a bunch of new couples and ladies into some new and existing groups.  Besides the people connecting in small groups…the cool think about grouplink is getting to work with a great team.  People who are great at what they do and they focus their energy to help me do what I do.  I love it.  I work with a great team.

Who are the people that you just don’t want to do ministry without?

Creative Chaos


Twice a year we do something huge for our community.  It’s called Serve Day.  We do it in the fall and the spring.  Our next one is on Saturday May 10th.  Here’s what it looks like:  We bring a Salvation Army truck to our church parking lot.  Hire an industrial paper shredder, order 10 30 yard dumpsters to take both trash & recycle…and set up some trailers to haul away old appliances.  Then we promote to our surrounding neighbors “Got Trash” serve day.  Bring your trash to our church from 10-2 on May 10 and we’ll dispose of it for free.  If you’ve got items for Salvation Army…bring it.  If you’ve got large amounts of sensitive papers that need to be shredded…bring it.  If you’ve got household trash or recyclables….bring it.  And, if you’ve got old appliances that you can’t get rid of….bring it.  Plus, we send everyone away with free lunch and a car wash.  We promote this with a simple area mailer and through our small groups.  We encourage everyone in our small groups to invite their neighbors to bring their trash.  We had volunteers stationed at each point to remove the trash for the neighbors.

Here’s what happened last fall:  It poured down rain all 4 hours (yea…Seattle).  We had such a huge response that our dumpsters & Salvation army trucks were full in the first 2 hrs.  People wanted to donate money and we said no…we simply wanted to serve.  People were shocked and thrilled.

How do you serve your community?