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Mike Montgomery

Drew’s friend Mike taking doing some pretty cool stuff on the scooter.

Drew’s Summer Video

Don’t know how to upload vimeo to wordpress so:

Click on the link to view Drew’s Summer Video.

Amazing bike skills….

Thanks Brad Lomenick….Amazing bike skills….check it out.

Would you work for free?

Like many companies in our world today, British Airways is struggling in through the economy issues we face today.  One of the things I’ve always admired about British Airways is their innovative thinking.  Clearly the leaders are looking at the situation their in and asking the tough questions.  So, one of the questions was, how can we share the load?  They asked their employees if they would work for free for a period of time and 1000 have already said yes.

If your company was struggling, would you work for free for one month….or tell them to forget it?

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From Mike Foster’s tweet yesterday

Drew Lichty at the Renton Skate Park

Drew Lichty

I am on facebook…and I love this video…

Thanks Natalie

Why i love my iPhone

3g-flames-iphoneI love my new iPhone…let me count the ways?  Truly, after months of waiting for my Verizon contract to end because I’m too cheap to pay the early cancellation fee, I finally bit the bullet and got an iPhone…not only for me….but Brenda got one as well.

I love the way all my email/contacts/& calendar automatically updates on the iPhone without having to sync.  That’s awesome.

Why do you love your phone?