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Would you work for free?

Like many companies in our world today, British Airways is struggling in through the economy issues we face today.  One of the things I’ve always admired about British Airways is their innovative thinking.  Clearly the leaders are looking at the situation their in and asking the tough questions.  So, one of the questions was, how can we share the load?  They asked their employees if they would work for free for a period of time and 1000 have already said yes.

If your company was struggling, would you work for free for one month….or tell them to forget it?

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Creative Chaos | Art with a purpose

This is my Creative Chaos submission along with my buddy Carlos at


Our church celebrated it’s 75th anniversary and we made it a big celebration.  We had special guests and former pastors over a celebration weekend.  One of the things we wanted to do was commemorate the milestone.  So, instead of making a banner that we’d throw away after the weekend, I commissioned an artist to put together a timeline piece laying out the history of our church and different milestones.  Then we made it into this piece of art that is still in our hallway communicating where we (as a church body) came from.  It really honor’s the people who sacrificed to get us where we are.  It’s a great piece of art that has a purpose.  When new people come ot our church, they really enjoy taking a minute to read through pieces of this timeline.  We also made up the history in a booklet for everyone that weekend and put the timeline in the middle.  Great “take away” for the weekend.  Overall it was a great way to honor our past while moving forward.

How do you honor the people who made it possible for you to do ministry today?

Keeping World Missions in view…

 This is my addition to the Creative Chaos with Carlos at






For years we’ve asked the question, how do we keep our “world missions” interest in  front of the people who visit our church without doing the ” 50 flags in the worship center” or ” big rotating globe on the stage” or “map on wall with pins” look.  We want people to continually see and feel what, how and where we’re doing world missions.  We will typically take an entire series during the year and focus on world missions…yet we don’t want our people to loose the sight and vision.

So, we had one of our designers put together this image and had it printed on vinyl.  The wrapped this wall with the image..posted clocks (nothing creative about that) and also installed some catalog holders so we always have our world & local missions catalog available for everyone.  This corner is literally the busiest intersection inside our church.  Great use of space, nice picture….reminds me of our world missions efforts every time I see it.  We also continue our world missions emphasis on our website.  Props to my buddy Lee for coming up with this idea.

There ya go….

How do you keep missions in front of your people?

He’s Running

Be Change!

Jason is running 100 miles in Sacramento, CA today to raise awareness & money for healthcare for kids in an inner city school.  Go here to get live updates.

Mark Thompson….My Friend….Creative Chaos

My addition to the Creative Chaos and my friend Carlos Whittaker at

Here is my friend Mark Thompson.  He’s a musical ventriloquist.  In these pictures he is using his gifts to make kids in Jamaca laugh last week. 

My creative idea is that we should all use the gifts that we have to make kids in other parts of the world (and here in the US) laugh.  There’s nothing like the laughter of a child.  Look at these pictures with Joy.

It’s a rare talent that can keep the attention of that many kids….entertain them….make them laugh….then share Jesus. 

I’m proud to call Mark my friend.  He’s truly a creative guy.

How do you creatively make kids laugh?

Run 100 miles in 24 hours? What?

My little part of Creative Chaos with my buddy Los from

Extra Mile Run

My buddy Jason Harper is doing something that in my opinion transends what normal people do.  Jason is going to run 100 miles in 24 hours today (Thursday 5/15/08).  He has been on a campaign for the last five years to make life better for a bunch of inner city kids in Sacramento.  Specifically, Oak Creek Elementary.  Everything from better materials to learn, better play environments, and now heal care for all of them.  Yes, all of them.   This is really incredible…both his commitment to these kids and the fact that he will run 100 miles in 1 day?  This is extreme creative chaos. 

He’s going to start running on Friday and stop once he runs 100 miles.  He’ll be listenting to his IPOD through the whole run and I along with 99 other close frineds recorded encourageing messages that will be interspursed with songs encouraging him at the beggining of each mile.  Jason is an absolute stud for attempting this physically and doing it for all the right reasons.

Check out his site and donate if you can.  He has a bunch of people lining up to help…and needs more.