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88…Jr. Wins in Michigan

Congrats to Dale Earnhardt Jr.  He finally wins again after a drout in the winners circle.  He’s got a new number, sponsor, & team….and he’s winning.  Yea, I’m a Jr. fan.  He’s a great guy and a great driver.  I didn’t get to watch the race until TIVO last night.  Just as good…even better as I ff through the commercials.  The race came down to gas mileage and strategy.  That’s why I love the sport.  It’s so much more than just driving around in circles.  Go Jr.

Also, Tiger did pretty well on Sunday.

Who are you rooting for today?

wow….I don’t know what to think?…(They’re bringing serving back)

I am the kind of person who is all for taking any song that will compliment the message of Jesus Christ and make it part of the service so people will connect and move forward on their journey toward Christ.  I’m even cool with youth groups doing really cute/funny stuff to make people laugh and make a point.  Tonight as I was reading one of my favorite blogs by Prodigal Jon called Stuff Christians Like I was enlightened by what could be done with Justin Timberlakes song, “Sexy Back”.  Side note: Prodigal Jon is a great writer.  Read some of his stuff……OK….click here to view the video.

 Is this creative chaos or bad taste?

Don’t you ever just want to…

Who do you want to put in this video?

What was the best part?….What was the worst part?

Occasionally we fill into the fodder of dinner conversations, “What was the best part of your day?…What was the worst part of your day”?  So, tonight as we dined at “The Blue Flame” the new mongolian grill one block away, we proceeded to engage our teenager and pre-teen.  Here’s how it went:

Brenda…So, Drew…what was the best part of your day?

Drew….”there wasn’t

Brenda….Come on Drew…there had to be something?


Brenda…Doesn’t count…..

(To save time & space)….Drew’s best part was silent reading and worst part was the rest of the day (except his hair cut)…..what can I say….he’s 14!

Brooke….ASK ME!!!!  ASK ME!!!!  (12!)

Brenda….OK Brooke, What was your best part of the day?


Brenda….Do you want to expand?


Brenda….OK, and your worst part?

Brooke….That Monday we start “Sex Ed”



Me…..ok, Brenda?  Best/worst?

Brenda…hearing that some nurses did really well and having to deal with a difficult parent.

Brenda….And you?

Me….Well, the best part was waking up next to Brenda….going to work…Meeting with David, meeting with Troy & Randy, Lunch with Randy, Meeting with Tim, talking to Kenny, Calling a few leaders on the way home, taking Drew to haircut, buying drinks for tomorrow, working on Brenda’s schedule, going to dinner with family.

Brenda…and worst?

Me…..5:30 AM this morning….Montazuma’s revenge from Mexico last week!  Say no more!

What was the best part of your day?

I’m that kind of blogger….

So, I haven’t posted for a few days because I truly haven’t had anything to say.  Rather than go on and on about a subject that I really don’t know about and you probably don’t care about….I chose not say anything.  Now, for those of you who truly know me….you are probably laughing and saying, “what….Loran….not saying anything”?  Yes!  Trust me…when I have something else to blog about…I’ll do it.  I feel one brewing about my wonderful wife Brenda….stay tuned.

What are the random things that you do that no one else knows about?


Listenting to “Master of Puppets” by Metallica right now.  This helps me be calm…

What music helps settle you down?

It’s cool to live in Seattle.

It’s cool to live in Seattle because you are always less than 5 minutes from really good coffee.  Besides the fact that Starbucks, Tully’s, & SBC come from Seattle.  There a bunch of really cool little roasters who do an incredible job roasting and serving espresso.  One of them is David Schomer with Espresso Vivace.  Espresso Vivace has been around for many years doing a great job on each pull.  If you want a quick cup of coffee…go to the various corporate coffee shops.  If you want a piece of art, go to Espresso Vivace.  They make it a true art.  Located up in Capital Hill, not only do you get to engage in the best cup of coffee in your life…but you also get to hang with a really cool crowd.  Brenda & I will often make the 60 minute drive into Seattle just for this wonderful piece of heaven.  Espresso Vivace is another reason why it’s cool to live in Seattle.

Why is it cool to live in your town?