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Blog Buddies with Ragamuffinsoul

After Session 1 of Drive we met up with a bunch of bloggers who track with Carlos at Ragamuffin soul.  It was quite a fun/interesting gathering.  Great people.  Nice meeting some of the people who I’ve followed in the blog world.  Especailly enjoyed connecting with carlos & Heather….Reid, Brad, & Pete.  Great time had by all.  Thanks los for organizing our gathering and inspiring us to blog.

I’m the hovering head in the row right in front of the back row on the right side.

When was the last time you met 30 good friends for the first time?

Lunch with good friends at “The Patio”

Today we had lunch at The Patio with Doug Gattis & Barry Phillips.  Great friends here in ATL.  They were both neighbors and in our small group.  Again, we’re truly blessed to have such great friends here in ATL.  God blessed our 3 years here and we are better people today because of our relationships with the Phillips and the Gattiss.

Side note: The Patio is a great lunch spot.  Lots of mom’s & kids….but great lunch.

Where is your favorite lunch spot?

Run 100 miles in 24 hours? What?

My little part of Creative Chaos with my buddy Los from

Extra Mile Run

My buddy Jason Harper is doing something that in my opinion transends what normal people do.  Jason is going to run 100 miles in 24 hours today (Thursday 5/15/08).  He has been on a campaign for the last five years to make life better for a bunch of inner city kids in Sacramento.  Specifically, Oak Creek Elementary.  Everything from better materials to learn, better play environments, and now heal care for all of them.  Yes, all of them.   This is really incredible…both his commitment to these kids and the fact that he will run 100 miles in 1 day?  This is extreme creative chaos. 

He’s going to start running on Friday and stop once he runs 100 miles.  He’ll be listenting to his IPOD through the whole run and I along with 99 other close frineds recorded encourageing messages that will be interspursed with songs encouraging him at the beggining of each mile.  Jason is an absolute stud for attempting this physically and doing it for all the right reasons.

Check out his site and donate if you can.  He has a bunch of people lining up to help…and needs more.

Small Group

Three years ago Andy (the guy in the middle holding the baby) and I committed to leading a group of boys through middle school at church.  I made it into the 7th grade with them before moving to Seattle.  Andy stayed with them all the way through middle school.  The plan here is to build a relationship with these boys so we can walk with them through this very important time of their life.  Our goal was also to communicate the love of Christ in a real and practical way with the guys in our group.  So, I was thrilled when I had a chance to check in with them yesterday.  They are all moving on to High School next year.  These guys are all the same age as my son Drew.  I wish I could have stayed with them but God had a different plan for me.  Great guys – great group.

What are you doing to invest in young lives that aren’t your own children?

Ragamuffinsoul is more than just a blog!

This is my buddy Carlos from here.  If you’re not really into blogging…read his first and you’ll quickly think blogging is really cool.  I never really blogged until reading Ragamuffinsoul and deciding that I could actually have a voice in this arena.  Carlos is a great guy and just as authentic in person as he is on his blog.  This is a picture of me playing “fan boy” ….”hey. can I get a picture”.  I alos briefly met Heather & the kids in the lobby at Buckhead and said a quick hi….but then backed off in effort to not Freak her out.  She was totally cool…I think she is used to strangers yelling out her name then saying…hey, I’m one of Carlos’s blogging friends.

Yesterday Brenda & I went to the 9AM at Buckhead.  Great opener.  Carlos did the welcome – Christina Fincher did worship and Andy brought it.  A couple things I can recall from the message.  “Have you ever spent the night dreading what was to come the next day”?  Andy was relating how Jesus not only spent the night dreading the next day….his best friends who he poured his life into fell asleep, ran off, & denied him.  Andy did a great job helping the audience connect with this point.  As well, he made the point about if something is serious to our kids….it becomes serious to us not because it’s a big deal to us but because it’s a big deal to our kids.  Again, well presented.

Finished the morning at Buckhead with Brenda & Tiffany chatting it up for a while.  Then, off to our Sunday adventure….more to come….

What were some of the cool points from the message you heard or delivered yesterday?

Great Steak in Duluth, GA

Great steak dinner at Stoney River in Duluth….just north of Atlanta.  We had a great evening with our friends Tim & Jean Fitzgerald and Rodney & Denise Banks.  We’re blessed.

Where do you go for great steak (if you’re a vegetarian…remove the word steak and insert Tofu)?

John Eldredge Tonight.

John Eldredge is a really cool guy.  I went with my small group  to an event tonight at a church in bothel, WA where John was speaking.  My fried Ralph hooked us up with tickets for this event.  John has a new book out now called, Walking with God, and it’s about praying and especially listening to hear God.  He opened up with about a 60 minute presentation about prayer and listenting to what God has to say.  Here are a couple things I took from that part of the talk. 


The way we hear from God…  1. Be Quiet  2. Ask God a Question.  3. Surrender (or listen)

He expanded on when you ask the question and if you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere….ask another.  Maybe you need to ask God, “what do you have for me today”?  Great stuff.  John’s a stud.  One thing he said about his son really tagged me.  He mentioned that last summer he has some issues with his son and was asking God about next steps & what to do and God said, “you’re engaging with him based on teh pain he’s caused you”.  Wow dude….that hit me right between the eyes (I have a 14 year old Son…see 2 posts down).  John went on to share that God said, “Offer not what he deserves but what he needs”.  Dude…that is so good.  I would add to that (if John would allow) that instead of disengaging based on the pain he’s caused….(and we would all like to do that) to engage my son with love.  instead of backing away….dive in at make sure he know’s I’m not leaving….wow, good stuff.

Then we went to a Q & A.  My favorite part of the night.  One gal from our group asked a great queston about hearing from God…but then not hearing again for 20 years.  John really related to that and challenged her to engage that question with our small group.  Another guy mentioned a cool statement that I hadn’t heard before: (when seeking Gods will)  “Stay until God tells you to go…Go until God tells you to stay”.  This statement can be taken too literal…don’t be too literal.  For the guy who asked about why he feels that he needs to run until God tells him to stop….after some discussion…John said, “you need to mature in your relationship where He doesn’t have to dismantle us to get our attention”.  Wow, that was good!  John also quoted Oswald Chambers…”If you ever want to be sure of what you hear…test the fruit of it”…(it was something like that…good stuff).  Probably the most impacting moment was a gal who had an emaotional story with abuse from a father and said that Johns book got her through a really tough time.  She wanted to say thanks to John.  John handled that with Wisdom, grace, & maturity of a father.  Great job John.  More about John Eldredge…go to  By the way, if you go to that website, you can read a blog entry by John answering a question about what Jesus would think about smoking Pot. 

Final thought on Eldredge.  Interesting that in a week where the Pope is in DC and visiting all around that area meeting with thousands who hang on his everyword…and the Dali Lama is in Seattle speaking to thousands who are hanging on every word…..  There we were….a bunch of Christians (about 900) hanging on every word of John Eldredge.  Now….I’m sure john would be both honored and freaked out to be mentioned in that group of people.  All three men spoke on God.  Likely…they all believe in God and feel that God loves us.  I’m sure religion was wrapped in each of the talks at some level.  Here is the difference….John was encouraging us to talk with God….listen to God….and move forward in our relationship with Jesus Christ (not our relationship with John Eldredge).  Given the choice of all three speakers….I choose Eldredge.

Brian & Roxi surprised us and showd up tonight.  That was cool.

When was the last time you were Quiet, asked a question, & surrentered?