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“We have a large responsibility representing Christ and our church”!

Here is a story from Jeremy, one of our parking volunteers at New Life Church:


Saturday evening, just prior to service, I had a mom in a mini van pull up at the entrance and open her door.  She let me know it was her first time visiting, she had her two children with her, and where should she take them.  I gave her the quick run down and she drove on in.  I alerted the other team members, “we’ve got a first timer with a couple kids!”  Excited waves from Lars and Dave directed her to a proper parking spot.  Steve pulled up promptly with the offer of a cool ride in the golf cart to church.  The kids were slightly apprehensive at first, but then hopped on in and loosened up.  A high five from Lars as they passed by brought another smile to both the boy’s and mom’s face.  They were safely delivered to the doors of Kidtown.  I know we were all excited by this brief event, and we realize we can make or break their experience coming to New Life.  We have a large responsibility representing Christ and our church.  We don’t know if they will return next week, but if they do, we will be out front with smiles, waves, and high fives!

How are you serving practically to make a difference eternally?

top 10 reasons i like living in maple valley, wa

top 10 reasons i like living in maple valley, wa

  1. community feel with small town taste & close to the places i like to go.
  2. beautiful view of mt. rainier driving south on 169 in front of the fire station on a clear day.
  3. great schools for my kids.
  4. sports programs for my kids to enjoy
  5. city representatives that genuinely solicit and value my input
  6. affordable homes
  7. a lot of growth potential in the city
  8. 4 corners starbucks drive through that serves me the grande americano with a couple inches of steamed soy
  9. really cool waterfall sign as you enter the city
  10. lake wilderness….the lake, lodge, & trail!

Why do you like Maple Valley?

Calibrate…November 15-16, 2009….Seattle!

16on16Calibrate, an event to help leaders realign their picture of the Church with Jesus’ picture of the Church, is coming November 15-16. We are hearing about countless leaders who are horribly depressed because they missed the early registration rate on Calibrate. In our tireless efforts to empower leaders we have come up with the perfect solution…a sale.

For one day only, October 16th, save $16 on Calibrate registrations. On October 16, go to to register and you will pay $69 instead of the current price of $85.

This is for one day only – don’t miss it!

More on Calibrate 09?  I could type a bunch of stuff about it….just go to the site!

Would you work for free?

Like many companies in our world today, British Airways is struggling in through the economy issues we face today.  One of the things I’ve always admired about British Airways is their innovative thinking.  Clearly the leaders are looking at the situation their in and asking the tough questions.  So, one of the questions was, how can we share the load?  They asked their employees if they would work for free for a period of time and 1000 have already said yes.

If your company was struggling, would you work for free for one month….or tell them to forget it?

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From Mike Foster’s tweet yesterday

Continuing to learn leadership from John Maxwell

johns-blogSo it’s Friday night and I’m doing my husbandly duties….shopping with my wife.  Suddenly, my iphone starts shaking with some twitter messages.  Many of my friends who know that I spent some time in Atlanta working for John Maxwell were busting shooting me some messages telling me that John had been arrested at an airport in Florida.  As I researched the details to see first if it was true then get the story…I both had compassion for John in the situation, had a little laugh with the circumstances, & learned a valuable leadership lesson.  Leaders take responsibility for their actions and leaders get hurt from doing stupid things.  I can only imagine the unique gifts that his friends will be presenting him with at all his future speaking engagements.

Click HERE to read the story from John’s Blog.

John is a great leader.

Rick Warren is praying at the inauguration!

rick-warren1Wow, it shocks me the amount of uproar in the liberal community specifically the gay & lesbian community over Rick Warren praying at the inauguration.  One of the greatest political things to happen for the GL community is the election of Obama to be president.  Reality is, this is a very good political move by President-elect Obama.  This is his way of stretching across the proverbial aisle and embrace the other half of the country (that didn’t vote for him).  How would the GL community feel if Obama put someone like Warren on his cabinet?  Yea….think about that.  You’d think they’d be happy that all Pastor Warren is doing is the invocation at the inauguration?  Remember, Obama is (by his own admission) a Christian.  He & Pastor Warren are basically on the same page here.  Why wouldn’t he have Pastor Warren say a prayer of blessing at this historic event.  Obama is certainly not going to have Rev. Wright?  Yea?

As a person who cast my vote for McCain, I’m more and more impressed with President-elect Obama.  I still disagree with most of his policies…but I will pray for him and support him as my president.  Also, Obama & his team has done a fantastic job embracing technology during this transition and truly reach out to the people to communicate the process.  I feel almost as close to the process by subscribing to their blog as if I were there in person.  In a world where people struggle to trust our leadership….I appreciate the level of communication by the President-elect to me personally.

Question.  Is Rick Warren the new Billy Graham?  How would Joel Osteen feel to hear that?…move on…

So….to the Obama supporters who are upset about Pastor Warren praying…chill out….it could be worse.

….to the conservatives who think that Warren should get up at the inauguration and try to prove a political point….you don’t have a clue.  The simple fact that he’s invited to the party is enough.  The love of Jesus will be communicated simply by the mere presence of Pastor Warren.

Father – Please bless President elect Obama, his family, & his team who are working very hard to turn our country around.  Keep them safe and bring our great country closer to you.

What do you think about Pastor Warren praying at the Inauguration?

Read people before you direct them

(continuation to the Defining Statements series)

crazyOne of the things we find ourselves doing in professional vocational church work is putting together a set of well designed programs then pointing people toward our programing so they can walk the yellow brick road of discipleship and we can walk away with the feeling that we’ve done our job.  The problem is….many of the people we set off in the direction we think they should go….don’t necessarily need what we just offered them.

Example….The other day I was working in our NEXT environment and 5 minutes into the conversation I had to ask a couple if they were married.  I was just about to point them toward our singles events and our men’s/ladies groups because all signs pointed toward them being single….when in fact they are married.  (Don’t get me started on trying to figure out the couple who defines themselves as a couple and want to be in a married group but they’re not married?)…probably another post.

One of our defining statements at New Life is, “Read people before you direct people”.  If we truly want what’s best for the person we’re talking to, we will read them and find out about them before pointing them in the direction we think they should go.  If we care more about our program and the environment we created…then we’ll simply shove them into the mold we made and hope for the best.  Side note…any environment that you have to shove someone in….will NOT last for them.  It must be natural.  There needs to be an urgency for them to want to move in that direction.  You need to ask some key leading questions that open up the conversation to learning more about them.

Example: How long have you been coming to New Life?  What did you like best about the service today?  Describe some of the church environments you’ve experienced before?  Why did you come to church today?  That last question might seem a little direct…but asked at the right time is a very powerful question.  Likely, everyone who is at your church….made a very conscious decision to get up, get dressed, & drive down to church today.  Let’s ask what they’re looking for?  Maybe we can help them find it.

Final point:  If your going to work on reading people before directing them…make sure you have somewhere to direct them once you discover their need.  If a single mom is standing in front of you with a desperate need to have someone watch her 4 year old for 60 minutes so she can have 60 minutes of peace while listening to your pastor…..make sure you have the absolute best environment for her 4 year old.  It would be despicable if we dropped the ball at that moment.

What are some questions you lead with when trying to read people?