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John & Charissa

I had a great night tonight with John & Charissa Bensen.  This is why I love ministry.  I get to hang out with cool people like John & Charissa and then they step up and join my team.  I’m very excited about their new small group starting (back) up this fall.  I really think they’ll do an awesome job leading this group of couples.  They’re also expecting a little baby girl in a few months.

I love hanging out with cool people.  John & Charissa…Thanks for having dinner with me tonight.

What’s cool about what you did tonight?


Do you ever get frustrated when things don’t go the way you expect?  Especially when there is nothing you can do to to help/change the situation.

I’ve recently had a couple pretty intense conversations with a couple really good friends and I just don’t understand where they’re coming from.  Challenge is…they can’t communicate with me where they’re coming from.  As a “fixer” this is VERY challenging for me.  I get that I can’t “fix” everything but I truly want to help.  These are situations where I can’t help.  I need to stand aside and let God deal with them individually.  As frustrating as that is to me….that’s all I got.

Is it just me?  or does anyone else get frusterated at times?

Bag em & Tag em

Today was a great day.  If my church office was an environment where we had a bell right inside the door and when you close a sale….as you walk in the door you ring the bell and everyone would cheer……..I would have rang the bell twice.  Days like today are why I love my job.  I got to meet with 2 really sharp couples and chat with them about leading a small group this fall.  Both couples were very receptive and ready to lead.  I love days like today.  Don’t get me wrong.  To have a day like today literally represents with couple one the culmination of a 10 year relationship, about 14 connection points over the last 13 months and patience.  With couple two it represents persistence when I felt God leading me to engage in relationship, relentlessly pursuing the connection, making my calender fit in theirs so I could meet 7 months ago, engaging with their agenda and easing in my desire for them, sharing the right vision, inviting them into my community for 5 months, navigating the conversation, & knowing when to back off and say, “welcome on the team”.  I celebrate the big step these couples made today.  I am moved by the impact that today will have in the lives of the 10 other couples who will be led by them in the next couple years.  Engaging with people and encouraging them to use their gifts & talents for ministry is no short term gig.  You’ve got to be in it for the long haul and side step many (and I mean many) let downs to have a day like today.  I’m grateful to be part of such a great church and I’m humbled that God would choose to use a knucklehead like me to impact people for Christ.

How was your day?

Great Conversations…

I had a great conversation with a good friend today.

Who did you have a great conversation with today?

Multiply and start something new…

This is our married small group.  We’ve been meeting weekly for the last 16-17 months (with time off for good behavior).  All good things come to an end…or Mulitply as I like to say.  As the grouplife pastor it is vital that I model multiplication in our groups weather I like it or not.  Personally I would have preferred to hang with this group for another season…but it is time for us to multiply and create this same environment for more people.  Multiplcation is hard to do….(sung to the tune breaking up is hard to do).  Please note…this picture does not represent everyone in our group.  We’re missing the Brundages, Dawn, & my friend Tim.  Tim died of cancer last October.  Thats his wife Laura standing between Brenda & I.  Evan though our group is multiplying and we won’t be gathering on a weekly basis….people like Laura will always be right in the middle of everything we do.  For that matter…everyone in our group will be close and share a special time of connecting and growing in our faith together.  It’s sad to see this season come to a close….  I’m anxious for the next small group season.  Will God bless us with a group as good as this one?  Will we love them the way we love these people?  Yea, even the grouplife pastor asks these questions.  This is why I love doing what I do!

Note:  Sorry for the blurry line Fisburn.  Not intentional…..something on the lense…

Who are you doing life with?

Dinner with Adam & Amy

Last week Brooke & I had dinner with our friends Adam & Amy Ford.  They’re pictured here with their cute 2 yr old Tatum.  We had a great time eating Papa Johns pizza on a Thursday night.  Adam & Amy are going to lead one of our “Just Married” groups this fall.  I’m very excited about this because they’re very cool people.  Just the fact that I was able to eat dinner with them increases my cool quotient by at least 5.  Here are reasons that Adam & Amy are cool:

10. Cool Glasses

9. Cool black T-shirts

8. Cool new car

7. Cool BMW motorcycle

6. Amy reminds me of my cool Sister-in-law ROXX

5. Look at the picture….they’re cool.

4. Related to Erik & Tammie….That’s cool

3. Leading a “just married” small group this fall…..very cool.

2. She’s a therapist…scary cool

1. He works at Starbucks…(angels singing)….totally cool!

Enough of the fun.  We had a great time hanging with Adam & Amy.  The best part of my job as Grouplife pastor is getting to hang with leaders like Adam & Amy.  I’m really looking forward to having them on my team and connecting many couples in community with them.  Welcome to the team Adam & Amy.

Who do you know that is cooler than you?

I did a coffee “spit take” today…

Today I was meeting with this gal and we were talking about design stuff and other cool things.  As I was finishing up my cup of coffee…it seemed to go down the wrong pipe and I started to cough.  Now, the initial cough simply brought up the coffee contents and lodged it in my inflated cheeks (like a trombone player).  At the same time, I couldn’t help it….but a small portion of coffee spewed out of my mouth and all over my desk.  This caused some laughter from me along with the coughing and 3 more sprays (like out of a Windex bottle) covered the front of my shirt, my desk, computer and the rest of my office.  Natalie instantly thought I was going into cardiac arrest, but I assured her that I was OK…just a little embarrassed.  23 tissues later…the coffee was cleaned up and we were still laughing.  Now…here’s the real test of the coffee lover that I am.  There was still an inch of coffee left in my cup…  Yes I did!  I went back to the well and finished the cup.  If you’re still wondering what a “spit take” is…click below and view the video instructions.  It’s creepy with 2 guys standing in a bath tub…but very clear on what a “spit take” is.

What did you do today that totally embarrassed you?